Pine Harbour 10 Year Anniversary 10 Year Anniversary
Pine Harbour 10 Year Anniversary 10 Year Anniversary

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(10-Year Anniversary Thank You Special) We’ll look back on the 10 years of the show. (For a long period of 10 years,) (we visited many beautiful destinations. ) (We look back on the places and people.

) (Now we’re off to show them our gratitude. ) Hyojoo! We can choose anyone we want. I haven’t decided yet. I’ll take my time on this. (It’s a good day to meet someone. ) (Taehyun awaits the others at his house. ) (Where are they?) (Running) Later on. . . (Taeun’s glued to her dad. ) (When will they get here?) – Open the door. / – They’re here. Soojin. Your uncle’s here. I’m coming. Here I come. He’s not the only one who’s here. This time, it’s Uncle Siyoon. What? – I’m here. / – You opened the door. What’s that in your hand? It’s a cake. – Say, “Thank you. ” / – Thank you! – How have you been? / – I’ve been well. Where’s Soochan? (Quietly) Gosh. This is nice. (Now that I’ve given them a gift,) (I can think of this as my home. ) (Homes of the others are just as much his. ) (Junho’s life couldn’t be simpler. ) I’m exhausted. Uncle Junho. – Hi. / – Hello. You’ve grown a lot since I last saw you. Come here so I can interview you. – Hello. / – It’s Uncle Siyoon. – Uncle Siyoon! / – Hi. My gosh.

Come and sit. – So. . . / – I’m at Taehyun’s house. We’ll now interview Soochan. Then we’ll interview Soojin and call it a day. You’re right. We’re here to meet Soochan. Exactly. Mr. Soochan! – Hold on. / – Mr. Soochan? I’ve thought about this. I have, and. . . We should interview them. The three of them were on the show, and their episode aired for two weeks. (Is that how it is?) Out of all the guests, you will decide on two of them and deliver your gift as well as say thank you. Out of all the guests on the show? That’s right. It can be anyone. Anyone you want to thank. There’s a rule, though. – There’s a rule? / – Yes. You have to complete a mission for it – to be. . . / – Valid? (They must complete a mission. ) We have to do a mission? Here it is. (The mission is revealed. ) The games you see on the spinning wheel are the top five games voted by the viewers of our show. (Here are the games. ) (They must win the game the guest chooses. ) So we must win against the guest. You will now head out to deliver your gratitude. – All right. Let’s start with my kids. / – Exactly. – All right. / – They should go first. – Let’s do this. / – Talk all you want. – Guys, come over here. / – Thank you. – We can’t help it. / – Soochan, have a seat. We’re going to say thanks. (They don’t want to sit down. ) Now sit in a row. Stop running around and please sit. (The three are seated. ) – Soochan! / – Look to the front. These three guests. . . When were they on our show again? Was it last year? (The episode aired for three weeks) (starting on January 3rd, 2016. ) (The members were flustered) (to meet Taehyun’s three children. ) Which member do you like the most? No one. (The siblings were honest and adorable. ) (Everyone had a blast including their dad. ) We’ll come by your house sometime. Come often! Okay. (Their innocence made the members smile. ) (Thank you so much. ) Are there gifts? (The gifts are to express our gratitude. ) It’ll be embarrassing to wear this in public. Dad, are those pink sweatshirts for us? Yes. What? (Oh, no!) – Do you like it? / – Wait. – Let’s see. / – It’s too small. Look at this. No, it’s not. Where are you going? Try this on. – Try it on. / – Wear it for them too. Come over here. Dad, I don’t want to! Okay, fine. Hold on a second. Dad, how do I put this on? I so want to get out of here. Isn’t it pretty? – Here’s me. / – Dad’s there too. Do you recognize me? Dad, I want to take it off now. (She wore it for about two seconds. ) Already? But you just put it on. Kids are always brutally honest. Already? We loved having you on the show with us. We’re here to thank you today. – To you, Soochan. / – Gosh. (Embarrassed) Soochan, thank you so much. – Thank you. / – Thank you. Dad, thank you! Soochan, can you pick a game for us? Yes, we’ll be competing with him. We have to win. – Right. / – We can’t lose. Yes, go ahead. (He doesn’t hesitate. ) Nice, Soochan. Let’s see. – What is it? / – Hacky sack. (Hacky Sack) – Hacky sack. / – We already won. – We got this. / – Really? – We’ll win. / – Nice. Just think about it. How many would Soochan get anyway? Soochan, are you ready? Practice if you want. (He’s not familiar with the game. ) Soochan, try harder. – Like this. Can’t you do it? / – No. – Would you like a sock? / – No. How about a shoe? – Try it once more. / – Where are you off to? – I’m putting on my shoes. / – Okay. He doesn’t want to lose. I can’t possibly beat my own son, so it’s up to you two. – He can only do one. / – I have my shoes on. Wait, they’re so adorable! They’re so cute. (He put on his lucky shoes. ) Who will go up against Soochan? (The game begins. ) I will. I’m an expert at winning against kids. All right. (Let’s try this. ) Kick. – I got this. / – Step on it. Try kicking it up higher. Daddy. You can just do it once, so kick harder. If you do. . . – What? / – Hold on. You weren’t supposed to kick this many. Wait a second. – Stop practicing now. / – No more practice. You’re done. That’s unfair! (The game is on! Soochan versus Junho) – Say you’re ready first. / – I’m ready. Here he goes. (Soochan kicked two. ) One, two. . . – He kicked two. / – That’s right. This is a challenge. I managed two. (I could’ve done better. ) I’m ready. He’s ready. (I hope my brother wins. ) – Dad. . . / – I’m ready. Girls, you can’t run around like this. (Terrible foot skills) What was that at the end? – It hit my foot. / – Can’t you do better? Since it’s a tie, you’ll do it again. – Don’t mess around. / – It came in contact. – It’s still two. / – We can’t count it. It’s like the ball hit the goal post. Soochan’s ready. My ankles are nervous. (Hold on a second. ) Why do I have to go first? Okay, fine. Then Junho. . . (Okay, I hear you. ) – Rock-paper-scissors. / – Yes, that. Ready or not, rock-paper-scissors. – You’re first. / – I’m first anyway. I really hope we win. All right. (He almost managed three. ) (What a relief!) Gosh. . . (That was surprising. ) – I mean. . . / – That was close. Junho. You need more than three. I’ll end it right here. I doubt it. (Is Taeun helping her brother?) (Junho still wins after kicking it three times. ) – Yes, I won. / – Nice! We won. We did it. – Nice. / – You did great. I’m so glad Soochan only kicked twice. It was close. You successfully met with your first guest. Now you just have to take a picture. In one, two, three. – Two Days! / – One Night! (Cha Siblings, thank you. ) – Finally. . . / – Thanks, everyone. – This. . . / – You were great. I should’ve known better. I mean. . . This was tougher than manual labor. So where are we going? It has to be another guest from our show. (They need to thank another guest. ) Anyone who was on the show. Where’s Joonhyun? He’s probably eating somewhere. (Kim Joonhyun showed us how food must be eaten. ) Let’s call him. – Yes. / – Ask where he is. He’s had this song for five years now. He never changes. – Hello? / – Joonhyun. Hi, what’s the occasion? Just a moment. – Joonhyun. / – Yes? Joonhyun? Who is this? What did you just say? It’s Junho. – Is this for real? / – Who? Hello? It’s Junho. This is unbelievable. Joonhyun, it’s Junho. It’s me. One of the official KBS comedians. Oh, I see. Anyway, I’m in Saipan. – Saipan? / – Are you in Saipan? That’s why he doesn’t have caller ID. You must be there for work. All right. – I’ll call you later. / – Sure thing. – Bye. / – See you, Joonhyun. So he’s in Saipan. – I see. / – We can’t meet him, then. We can’t ask him to come home. – I’m calling everyone. / – It’d be inappropriate. Hello? Boyoung, are you filming right now? – Are you on set? / – Sorry? – Are you on set? / – Yes, I am. Where are you filming? – Me? I’m in Cheongju. / – Pardon? – Cheongju. / – Cheongju? Yes. All right. All the best. – Thank you. / – Bye. – We can’t go there. / – No. – Who was it? / – That’s why I kept quiet. – It was Boyoung. / – Park Boyoung? – Even if it’s her. . . / – It’s too far. Why don’t I call Zo Insung? (Zo Insung?) – Hi, Taehyun. / – Insung. (He answers immediately. ) – Yes? / – Are you filming? – No. / – Where are you? I’m on my way home after a workout. – A workout? / – Yes. – Then. . . / – Yes? Hold on. Then. . . (Who would answer at nine in the morning?) (Hi, Taehyun. ) (Insung joined him on a special episode. ) (The Best Friend Special) (He agreed even though it was out of the blue. ) (No one spent a more action-packed day than he did. ) (We were able to see a different side of him. ) – We. . . / – Yes? When I say “we”, I mean a few of the members. – There’s a few of us. / – I see. Anyway, there are people who we are grateful for. Since it’s our 10-year anniversary, and we owe you a big thank you. Your episode had the highest ranking. We want to give you a present. – Is it for me? / – Yes, in person. – I see. / – Please meet with us. Shall I come right now? (Just like that?) Over here? I’m out on my own anyway, so it’s easier for me to come to you. – Right. / – Tell me where to meet. Underneath the Dongjak Bridge. . . We’re just below it. – Do you get it? / – The Dongjak Bridge? Yes, we’re right underneath it. – When you come. . . / – Is this a brawl? I’ll head over to you. – Okay, good. / – All right. We’re. . . – Where we are. . . / – We’re done for the day. Problem-solver, Cha Taehyun. Shouldn’t you have been more specific, though? (Is it this easy to meet Zo Insung?) Hold on. It’s funny how he’s actually coming. (Insung has a great personality. ) Gosh. (Moments later) Is he here? Welcome to our shabby bus. My gosh. He really was coming back from a workout. This is hilarious. (He came running for Two Days and One Night. ) You seem comfortable now that it’s your second time. Is he getting on the bus too? (What? Are we going somewhere?) – That’s not necessary. / – Are we walking, then? – Are we going somewhere? / – No! – No. / – We’re off to an island. It’s only a joke, so come on in. It was a joke, so don’t worry. – First. . . / – Hand me that. – Let’s start with. . . / – Yes, his gift. – Here. / – Since it’s cold. . . (A hoodie with our faces on) The star comedian Junho and Defconn. – This. . . / – Put it on. Jongmin’s face is on it too. It’ll look good on him since he’s in a tracksuit. Now he won’t answer your calls anymore. I wouldn’t call him if we were going to an island. Do you believe that? (What a liar. . . ) I told you he’d look good in it. See? He doesn’t look as shabby as we do. (Good looks matter the most. ) What’s important, though, is that we need to play a game together. We have to beat you. If you win instead, we need to seek out another guest. We might have to call Kim Kibang. What are you best at? None. I’m even bad at hacky sack. – “Drinking Fish Sauce”. / – “Drinking Fish Sauce”. – Hold on. / – It must be fate. Is it one with fish sauce? – We’re drinking fish sauce. / – Really? – Then. . . / – This again? – Do we choose? / – Yes. (He tasted it the last time. ) (It’s that fish sauce. ) In one, two, three. (Shivers went down his spine. ) (It’s me. ) (He can’t forget the taste. ) You must feel sorry for what you’ve done to me. Isn’t it about time you were? – I mean. . . / – I’d like to apologize. You can always win. – That’s right. / – I’m bad at games. – You could win. / – That’s right. Since it’s crowded here, let’s head outside. – Sure. / – Okay. (“Drinking Fish Sauce” with Insung) (If we win, we get to go home. ) (We’re grateful that you came,) (but you’ll have to drink the fish sauce. ) Let’s do it here. It seems nasty enough. (He smiles even at that awful joke. ) Which episode was it again? We scored the highest ratings. The episode Insung was in scored 20 percent in ratings. It was more than that. We should go again sometime. It’s about time, right? – Right? / – That’s right. Always be ready. I’m glad you’re on board. – Here it is. / – All right. You must’ve been in a hurry because I can smell it from here. They made it too easy this time. – Does it show? / – Yes. (Staring) – Can you tell them apart? / – Who will choose first? – Rock-paper-scissors. / – That’s right. Play rock-paper-scissors. Rock-paper-scissors. (Insung wins. ) – Oh no. / – No, wait. Don’t drink it yet. (This should be it. ) That looks like fish sauce. – Doesn’t it? / – As you all know, you win if you empty the one with fish sauce. That’s impossible. All right. At the count of three, – please drink it. / – Let’s end it here. In one, two, three. Drink up. In one, two, three. (Who will be blessed with fish sauce?) (He won’t stop drinking. ) Siyoon, please. (Siyoon chose the fish sauce. ) This isn’t just fish sauce. Thank you for the coffee. (The relaxed winner) Why did you choose this one? Siyoon had no choice. Did he choose the lighter one? Yes, this was lighter. See? It was too obvious. – How could you? / – It was too obvious. – I mean. . . / – It was too easy. You must really hate fish sauce. It’s not drinkable. I tried to before, but. . . You chose that one without hesitation. You could’ve taken one for the show. Should we go again? We can’t, right? Gosh. (He knows how to be funny. ) Anyway, we called you because we’re grateful. In one, two, three. – Two Days. / – One Night. (Two Days and One Night) This is sad. (They can’t go home yet. ) I’ll call a buffet for your set sometime. – Let’s go, then. / – Thank you. Thanks. What a bummer. Jun Hyunmoo used to live here. – In the house behind? / – He was on the show. – Just for a short while. / – He’s moved. We met him at the baseball stadium. (There are so many people to thank. ) What are you doing here? It’s enough to consider him as a guest. (He’s here!) Hello. It’s Minkyung. (Kang Minkyung) (The third person to thank is) (Kang Minkyung of Davichi. ) (They climbed Mount Hambaek together. ) (She’s the official hiking expert. ) (The white winter was painted with fun. ) (Smack) (Yes, she’s here!) – Where are you? / – Hi. Could you help us in this episode? Did you call me for a stint on the show? We could be in the neighborhood. Really? In my neighborhood? We’re sorry about that. Text me if you’re going to swing by. I’ll keep myself occupied. – All right. / – All right. – Jinx. / – See you later, then. It’s cold, so let’s get on the bus. (The bus?) I feel like I shouldn’t get on this. – It’s all right. / – Hold on. – Why? / – Where are you going? – Nowhere. / – I have plans. I really have plans, so I can’t go with you. I’m not kidding. It’s at 7:30 p. m. Taehyun’s being suspicious. That’s not true. We have nothing planned. We just don’t want to disturb your neighbors. Why do I have to get on the bus? I’m not getting on it. Hold on a second. I can’t believe this. – We’re telling the truth. / – What’s the occasion? Just hop on. Nothing’s going on. Junho, stop being so weird. Gosh, I really didn’t expect this. – You. . . / – Look me in the eyes. Are you sure? – Really? / – Nothing’s going on. – Are we just going to talk? / – Yes. We’ll just talk on the bus. I can’t believe this. Who would’ve guessed it? Minkyung, you can trust us. Then let’s talk here. Gosh, what do you take us for? We just want to give you this as a gift. – Really? / – Yes. – Put it on. / – This is for you. – You have to put it on. / – Yes, please. It’s our 10-year anniversary, so we’re having guests. . . (Roaring) (The engine starts. ) Why are you turning on the engine? (Junho has fun fooling her. ) We’re off to Geoje Island. No, stop. I have plans! – I don’t care. / – Stop. Take a rain-check. Call the person you have plans with. – Hold on a second. / – I’m off. – Wait. . . / – Close the door. We’ve already canceled your plans. Make a phone call. Is it Geoje Island or Jeju Island? – What? / – What will it be? (Are we going to an island right now?) Here we go. Is it Geoje Island or Jeju Island? – What will it be? / – There’s Oido too. You might get out of it too. – Oido is close by. / – My heart’s pounding. What’s going on? I’m sorry, but I can’t go. (This is as far as I go. ) (Her second attempt at an escape) – No, wait. / – Let me go. It was only a joke. – It’s a joke. / – Let me go. – Trust us. / – Please. . . – Just this once. / – Trust us. At least turn off the engine. It’s for the air conditioner. Please put this on. We’re not going anywhere. Why do I have to put this on? It’s our 10-year anniversary. I hate the color pink. It’s a gift. – Go ahead. / – You see. . . – I actually prefer this. / – Sure. We have nothing planned. (They spin the wheel. ) Wait. I’m so nervous. (She feels like a goalie on a soccer field. ) I couldn’t be more nervous. I have never been this anxious before. – It’s all right. / – Every island is written on that board. – Every single island. / – That’s right. We only have five written down. – Right, but / – Fortunately, two have already been taken. You’re down to three choices. Thankfully, one is in Seoul. – Jeju Island. . . / – One is in Seoul? Yes, Jeju Island, Yeouido. . . Hold on a second. Go for it. And stop. It’s already been chosen. – You. . . / – Then I’m off. Stop! – Sit back down. / – It’s been chosen. – Wait. / – Someone’s already – going there. / – That’s not the case. You have it wrong. See for yourself. I can’t believe you guys. We didn’t say or do anything. Watch the show and you’ll see what we mean. Now put this on. – You have it all wrong. / – Is that the case? – You surprised me. / – My gosh. – I was startled. / – We only went along because it was funny. Really? – Do you like pink? / – What? Do you like the color pink? (Why are you asking me that?) It was an innocent question. – It’s just. . . / – Stop it already. It was a weird question. Okay, you’re all set. It looks good on you. It goes with your fair complexion. Let’s get going, then. – Let’s go. / – What? (Shocked) Taehyun, don’t do this to me. (She chooses a game. ) “Quiz”. We can do that here. Are you good at quizzes? – What’s the category? / – We don’t know. You will have to name capital cities. I don’t know any of them. Good. Siyoon knows many. You win if you answer the majority out of five questions. – Answer it first. / – Sure. What’s the capital city of Germany? – I know. / – I know. – Siyoon. / – Berlin. What were you going to say? Berlin. That was close. Didn’t you say that you didn’t know any? I should at least know Germany. I almost said Munich. I would’ve said Frankfurt. We would’ve lost if we were playing. (It’s good that Siyoon’s playing. ) Here’s the next question. What’s the capital of Mexico? I know. Mexico City. That is correct. – I was right. / – Hold on. She got it right. What’s the capital of Australia? (What’s the capital of Australia?) – Australia? / – Do you know what it is? I think Siyoon knows. Did you say Australia? What’s the answer? (Taehyun gives her a clue. ) (I get it now. ) – I know. / – Yes? Ottawa. That is incorrect. (Ottawa is the capital of Canada. ) Ottawa is the capital of Canada. I hate you. You told me the wrong answer. It starts with an S. An S? – Minkyung? / – It’s Sydney. That is incorrect. Siyoon, how could you? – What did you say? / – Kolkata. – Kolkata? / – Go for it. I know. It’s Kolkata. Is that wrong? The answer is Canberra. – Canberra! / – I got confused. What’s the capital of Spain? – I know. It’s Madrid. / – That is correct. – What about Egypt? / – I know. – Siyoon? / – Cairo. That is correct. It’s over. – Game over. / – He knows so many. That’s amazing. Why do you have to be so boring, though? – Are you serious? / – Gosh. Unbelievable. You told me to answer them correctly. Be on a quiz show, then. You should’ve let her answer one more. No, I’m good. I’d rather not stay any longer. One more question, then. Let’s move to the next question. What’s the capital of Brazil? – Brasilia. / – Brasilia. Brazilian? (I won’t fall for it again. ) It’s not a type of waxing. (That’s nonsense. ) You’re terrible. Is it Brasilia? Gosh, why don’t you believe us? – What’s the capital city? / – We said Brasilia. She said, “Really?” – Is it true? / – She said “Brazilian”. – She misunderstood us. / – Honestly, I didn’t know either. You cleared the mission today. – Thank you. / – Thank you, Minkyung. Lastly, we’ll take a photo. – And. . . / – I’m so happy. I thought we’d be sent to a terrible place. – Why don’t you trust us? / – I’m so happy. You acted suspicious as soon as we got on the van. It was to turn on the air conditioner. – Seriously. / – It’s because it’s hot. – Two Days. / – One Night. Are we getting off work? – We finished work. / – Really? We’ll listen to “One Million Roses”. You were about to sleep, and we were tired. We listened to the song on the van. – Really? / – We liked the song. It wasn’t aired because we recorded too much. I see. I didn’t do well, so I’ll sing a song to make up. – Right. / – Just one song. Okay. I’ll sing. (“One Million Roses”) (When I came out to this world) (I heard a small voice) (Telling me to give love) (With no hatred) How could you? (After being suspicious one million times,) (she gives them an unforgettable gift. ) Wasn’t I right? (She ends with a beautiful song. ) (It’s a temporary reflecting board. ) She even used the board for better lighting. Why didn’t you listen to her sing? I did. Is there a song you’d like to ask? – No. / – We should end. – Thank you. / – Thank you so much. – You worked hard. / – Thank you so much. (A field ready for harvest is wet with rain. ) (Where is this familiar place?) (It’s Shindeok Village in Gimje. ) (They revisit the grandmothers. ) In one, two, three. (When she says one,) (the others shout two. ) Only she says, “One’. (How) (have you been?) (A celebrity van arrives after a long time. ) (The youngest, Joonyoung arrives. ) (For Thank You Delivery Mission selection) “Find the six grandmothers in Gimje. ” (He was selected to go to Gimje alone. ) “Go to her house and help her with work. ” (This is great news. ) (He feels lost. ) (He’s being cautious. ) I’m sorry that I lost. What’s going on here? (He’s flustered by the situation. ) Is this the countryside? (He gets up. ) Take a seat. (He’s not very excited to see him. ) – Take a seat. / – Is this the countryside? – Take a seat first. / – Why? – Should I leave? / – Pardon? – I was worried about you. / – Really? Can you do it alone? I came here because I was worried about you. (Is that so?) – If not, I’ll leave. / – No. My hometown is nearby. – I need you. / – Why? – Defconn. / – What was my task? It’s been a while, so I can’t remember. – You? / – Was I to go wherever? You were to follow anyone. So you chose me? It’s a question mark. (What) (is this?) (Follow one of the guests on the show. ) – Really? / – That sounds great. The person I wanted to follow is in Seoul, but I still came here. You didn’t go see her? I came because I was worried. The grandmothers have no idea that you’re here. – Really? / – They think only – the staff members came. / – Really? Each of you will visit three grandmothers. Defconn was in New Village last time. – New Village. / – Right. – Joonyoung’s was / – In Old Village. – in Old Village. / – Isn’t this the way? It’s this way. I’m supposed to help them with work, but I can’t because it rained. There’s a lot of work indoors too. – Really? / – Of course. You should go this way. Take good care of her. – Come soon. / – Okay. Come really soon. What do you mean? (He’s scared to go alone. ) You should get used to it. Come soon, Defconn. ♪ I’m on my way to meet her ♪ The houses haven’t changed at all. I remember her house. It’s because I slept outside her house. I’m going to bed. Is it warm? Let me see. Blankets are well made these days. (He remembers clearly) (her hospitality at her house. ) Let’s go. (He follows his memories to her house. ) Is anyone home? You have a delivery. – Delivery? / – It’s from Seoul. (It’s Defconn’s delivery service. ) You have a delivery. – You have a delivery. / – Goodness. – Defconn. / – Hello. – It’s good to see you. / – Ma’am. How are you? (Defconn is my one and only partner. ) It’s a perfect match. What’s your name? It’s a difficult name. It’s Defconn. Depcone? Shout. Okay. Thank you, ma’am. It’s snack time. She’s my wife. (Ms. Yongrim and Defconn made a perfect pair. ) It’s been a long time. It’s Defconn. Have you been well? Have you been healthy? Yes, I’ve been well. Did you know that I was coming? – I had no idea. / – Right? People from Three Days and Two Nights were coming. – Three Days and Two Nights? / – Yes. (Two Days and One Night wasn’t enough. ) There must be another show with that name. They told me to be home. By the way, I brought you a present. – What is it? / – I brought you something. I didn’t get to say hello during the holidays. – Gosh, it’s red ginseng. / – It’s good. – It’s a good gift. / – Of course. – It’s to make me younger. / – Yes. – It looks good on you. / – It’s warm. It looks good. Shout. Shout. Say “Ho”. (They still make a great team. ) Is this the house? Go inside. Is it the house? I think it is. It must be the house. (He enters carefully like a thief. ) Hello, ma’am. – Goodness. / – Gosh. – Hello. / – I didn’t recognize you. Have you been well? Yes, come in. (Joonyoung kept asking for tonkatsu. ) I don’t have any tonkatsu. (Disappointed) (She felt bad about not giving him tonkatsu. ) I couldn’t give him any. (She became close to Joonyoung. ) After recording the show, you regretted not making him tonkatsu. I don’t like tonkatsu, so I never eat it. If I had known, I’d have bought some. However, it didn’t cross my mind because I don’t like it. (It’s okay. ) How are the wallpapers? Joonyoung put them up. (She still has pink wallpapers. ) I should redo them. (It was Joonyoung’s first time. ) (They finished the wallpapers with care. ) – It’s red ginseng. / – Red ginseng? – Yes. / – Thank you. You didn’t have to bring it. – Shall I open it for you? / – This? (Have this instead of tonkatsu. ) I’ll take one. That’s not enough. You don’t need to bring more. This is enough. – It’s not necessary. / – Wait. – Hold on. / – She’s giving it to me. Let me bring some. Gosh. – Take this with you. / – That’s too much. Take it with you. (Thank you. ) We have to go to the village hall. – Village hall? Let’s go. / – Yes. You have delivery from Seoul. You’re here. Hello, ma’am. Hello, how are you? (Do you remember us?) Hello, ma’am. They’re so excited. (It’s Ms. Jeomsoon, Joohyuk’s partner. ) – Are you home? / – Yes. Hello, ma’am. Goodness. Have you been well? (She was Junho’s partner. ) Is anyone home? (It’s the last house. ) I don’t think she’s home. Right? (It’s Ms. Jeongae, Jongmin’s partner. ) It says, “Two Days and One Night filming site”. That’s right. There’s your name on it. – It’s right here. / – Yes. (Kim Jeomsoon and Kim Joohyuk) Jung Gapsoon and Cha Taehyun. Lee Yongrim is Defconn’s partner. Oh Jeongae is Jongmin’s partner. – They’re all here. / – Everyone has a partner. – May I go in? / – Go in. Let’s go in. (Shindeok Villagers, September 26, 2014) – What’s all this? / – Eat up. They brought these for us to eat. Sit down and eat. Hello. Hi. It’s good to see you. Goodness. – Hi. / – Look who is here! – Look who’s here! / – Long time no see. – How have you been? / – Hi. I asked them why my partner isn’t here. – Junho. / – I see. (What’s the use of the karaoke machine) (when there is no partner to sing with?) Did you hear why we came here? It’s Two Days and One Night’s 10-year anniversary. – 10-year anniversary? / – Yes. We’re visiting those who were special on the show. The viewers told us that they wanted to see you guys again. – So we came here. / – Thank you. – Thank you. / – That’s why we’re here. So Defconn and I said we’d come see you guys in Gimje. Junho isn’t here because he’s playing a game. (What?) (He called Junho before he came to the hall. ) – Are you playing a game? / – Yes. (Look!) (Junho is framed by Joonyoung. ) (I miss you so much!) (Junho laughs. ) (Junho ran off to Seoul to study) (because he didn’t want to do farm work. ) (I’m too brilliant to be stuck in a village. ) (I’ll become a judge or a prosecutor in Seoul!) Please feed Joonyoung something delicious. I will. He’s too busy playing a game. All right. Go ahead and play games. I miss him so much. So I read him on TV. – On TV. / – He’s funny on TV. – Isn’t he the same? / – He is. He’s so cute. I read Two Days and One Night when it’s on. How is the dog house? – We saw it. / – It’s still there. But the dog went missing. The dog ran away. (Defconn went to see Ddarong. ) (Sadly, the dog house was empty. ) (Taehyun worked hard to build Ddarong’s house. ) (But. . . ) (Well. . . ) Did anything change since the show aired? – I can’t go anywhere. / – Because you’re famous. People tell me I’m the best. Sometimes I get embarrassed. They tell me they enjoyed the show. – Students tell you that. / – Yes. It’s raining outside. So we can’t help them. We can’t work outside because of the rain. I would’ve made them work if it was sunny. It’s too bad. We should all come down here and help them again. We can stop by when we’re shooting in the area. Of course. You don’t have to do anything. Just visiting us will make us happy. We’ll feel lucky. – Thank you so much. / – Yes, thank you. You must be so happy that your partner came. (She’s upset because Junho isn’t here. ) (Laughing) (Don’t worry. ) (I’ll come back when I’m a judge or a prosecutor. ) Please look at the camera and say Two Days and One Night with us. Yes. – Two Days and One Night! / – Two Days and One Night! Stay healthy! Scream! (Screaming) (They have a great teamwork. ) – Say ho! / – Ho! (Ms. Yongrim is still a great rapper. ) (It’s time to say goodbye. ) In one, two, three. (They leave another memorable picture. ) Please stay healthy. – We’ll come again. / – Okay. – Visit again. / – Okay. When will I get to see you again? I’ll drop by when I’m in the area. – Take care. / – Visit us again. – I will. / – Please do. – I will. / – Take care. – Okay. Bye. / – We’ll get going now. – Go inside. / – Goodbye. Bye. Scream! (We hope to see you again. Thank you!) (Spring cherry blossom) (Summer green) (Autumn cosmos) (Winter snow) (For the past 10 years, we went everywhere. ) (Two Days and One Night has been to) (famous places all over Korea. ) (We’ve seen numerous magnificent sights. ) (Within them,) (we shouted Two Days and One Night together. ) – Two Days! / – One Night! (We shouted Two Days and One Night together. ) (These memories are more special) (because we have friends,) (hardworking staff members,) (and viewers who have) (made the journey with us together. ) (Thank you. ) – Two Days and One Night! / – Two Days and One Night! (Please continue to shout. ) (Two Days and One Night with us!) (Guests have congratulated our 10-year anniversary. ) Hello, I’m Suzy. It’s Two Days and One Night’s 10th birthday. I was the morning angel on season three. Thanks to everyone for reading Two Days and One Night. Congratulations on the 10-year anniversary. Hello, I’m Kang Minkyung of Davichi. I hope your friendship doesn’t change. Please keep making a fun show. Congratulations again on the 10-year anniversary. Hello, I’m Park Seojun. I came on the show last time and got nicknames such as “unlucky” and “idiot”. I’m grateful to Two Days and One Night because I got to make the viewers laugh. Congratulations on the 10th anniversary. Hello, I’m Eun Jiwon. I spent my 20s and 30s with Two Days and One Night. It’s already its 10th anniversary. I hope it continues to have 30th and 40th anniversaries, and be the best variety show. Let’s go, Two Days and One Night! Congratulations on the 10-year anniversary. Please love and support Junho. Defconn, Siyoon, Jongmin and Taehyun, too. I hope Two Days and One Night continues to grow. Two Days and One Night! (We forgot about the Hyojoo delivery winner. ) Hyojoo! (He was excited, but he felt awkward to go. ) (Hyojoo shared the good news on SNS. ) (We’ll consider it received. ) (Where is this place?) (Incheon International Airport) (Why are they here?) There might be fans, so I did my hair. This hairstyle is. . . Siyoon. Why are you here? – It’s a celebrity! / – Why are you here? – Why are you here? / – What do you mean? Hey. What’s going on? Are you going somewhere? Are you going abroad? Yes, I am. That’s cool. Be on your way. I see foreigners over there. (He looks like he’s immigrating. ) He’s too. . . That’s too much. Why did he style his hair like that? (These two have matching airport fashion. ) (Usually when celebrities are at an airport,) (this is what happens. ) (But there’s nobody. ) (Only our staff members are walking around. ) It’s an airport look. (They comment on their airport looks. ) (Taehyun has his usual outfit on. ) Airport look. (A neck pillow is embedded in his hoodie. ) Airport look. (Siyoon is wearing very comfortable clothes. ) (His fashion is serious and no fun. ) (These two are the most dressed up. ) (They love wearing checkered shirts. ) (They used a whole tub of wax. ) My hair is totally hard. (That’s no use. ) Let’s go in. – Hi. / – Hey. – All right. / – Hello. Everybody. Two Days and One Night. Hey. I think you can wear it for 19 hours straight. No. Celebrities should be sensitive to fashion. I did my hair so it could stay for six hours. If your hair is like that, won’t it hurt in the airplane? It hurts. When we arrive, a lot of fans will be there. – I can’t look disheveled. / – That’s right. Seriously? The airport could be completely crowded. I don’t think so. I think it’ll be quiet. (Joonyoung and Defconn arrive. ) – Hey, brothers. / – Hi. Hi. Good to see you. Yes. I’m a celebrity. – 17 hours? / – No, 19 hours. It’ll be really hot. (A long flight? A hot place?) – It’s a hot place. / – It’s 1 centigrade here. – It’s so cold. / – Cold? I love the weather in Seoul right now. (Two Days and One Night Abroad in Harbin) (A land of history, Harbin in China) (The episode that brought huge laughter) (Winter Training Camp in Harbin) (Behind the laughter,) This is still standing. (there was a story they really wanted to tell. ) It was here. That shows his determination. He made a vow to devote himself to the nation. (They felt his breath and mediated on his life. ) He didn’t stop until the end. (They followed the traces of Ahn Junggeun. ) (They weren’t aware of what happened 108 years ago. ) “When I hear the news of our independence,” “I will dance and cheer in the afterlife. ” “Even when I die,” “I will work for the restoration of my country. ” (His death won’t take away his love for his country. ) We won’t forget it. (Those who forget their history have no future. ) For Korea’s independence. (They remembered the day in their own ways. ) (“Invincible Youth” special) What are you trying to do? What’s your intention? We’re celebrating our 10-year anniversary. We’re going to do a special for it. – But we’re in a shoot. / – Isn’t it too sudden? Are we going to start another shoot? For the 10-year anniversary special, you will go to meet your fans abroad. Are we going abroad to meet our fans? I recently went to India, and at the airport, someone said, “Donggu?” They know you by that name too? At first, I didn’t expect it. So I said, “I am Donggu. ” I went to the Philippines to perform. And my fans gave me something that said “Two Days and One Night”. I’m not active on social media, but I already have 100,000 people. And 80,000 of them write in English, and it’s driving me crazy. But it must still make you feel good. – You should study English. / – Of course. We don’t know where we are going, but I hope we’re going somewhere new. That would be meaningful. We have a friend visiting us. – My goodness. / – He heard us. Let’s see who he likes. (They start a popularity vote. ) Who do you think will be sleeping outside today? – Look at us. / – It smelled Junho’s bad breath and headed to him. (They’re fascinated. ) His breath smells worse than our fart. Yes. His breath is the worst. – Go! / – His breath stinks. He loves Junho. It’s coming. Go in. Go in. – How can this happen? / – Come on. (It’s about to infiltrate Junho. ) Come on! – Move. / – It’s going to him. Why are you stopping him from going home? Isn’t it supposed to live in a forest? His home is that way. Your fans are spread all over the world. How can we visit everyone? It would be nice to visit all the countries and meet all of your fans. But we can’t afford to do that. So we will be visiting just two countries. Two countries? – Will we be. . . / – Will we be divided? – Will we be divided? / – Will we be divided? We will fly separately at the airport. Really? – That’s lonely. / – Where are we going? One of the two countries is Kazakhstan, which is located in Central Asia. (Where is that?) – Kazakhstan. / – Where is Kazakhstan? I didn’t expect that at all. – And? / – Isn’t it near Russia? Do we have fans in Kazakhstan? – You have a lot of fans. / – Really? I’ve never heard of the name. It sounds very foreign. – Do we have fans there? / – Honestly, we won’t have another chance to go there. It would take about seven hours. This is amazing. – I never thought I’d. . . / – It was unexpected. I’ve been wanting to go to Mongolia and Kazakhstan. – You should go. / – You should go. He will go to Kazakhstan. The other country is located in Central America. – Central America? / – Where is that? – Central America? / – Kazakhstan is. . . Wait. Isn’t that somewhere like Cuba? It’s the US. No. It’s near the Caribbean. Is it Jamaica? (Where is the second travel destination?) – It’s Cuba. / – Cuba. Cuba. – Really? / – Cuba. (He farts. ) He’s unbelievable. Why? I nearly levitated. – Right. / – You can’t beat me. (Farting) (I am taking off first. ) (Cuba) I think we will have fans in Kazakhstan. I think we won’t have any in Cuba. I think we will have some. I heard there are a lot of Korean cars in South America. Those are cars. Right. So they might like our country and culture too. (They are the people we’ll be meeting. ) (Are they really our fans?) (We will leave soon to meet our fans. ) Siyoon, where do you want to go? I like both countries. Then go to Kazakhstan and fly to Cuba. We divided you into two teams of three according to your popularity rank. – Really? / – Really? It’s too bad. I want to go – to both. / – Shouldn’t Taehyun go to Kazakhstan? – He can’t ride fly for long. / – Right, he can’t. He’s already in pain. He’s already sick. The first member to go to Kazakhstan is Taehyun. (Taehyun will go to Kazakhstan. ) They were being considerate. That’s closer than Cuba. – Cuba. / – Is Cuba farther? I will announce who will go to Cuba. Who will go to Cuba? – Cuba. / – Let’s congratulate him. Junho. (Junho will go to Cuba. ) (Congratulations!) – Cuba. / – It suits you. Cuba! Your fart sounds like jazz music. You’ll be perfect for Cuba. Yes. The second member to go to Kazakhstan is Jongmin. Yes! Yes! I really wanted to go. (Jongmin is excited. ) Whichever country we go to, – it will be a blessing. / – Yes. I really want to go both. The second member to go to Cuba is. . . Who is it? Defconn. Yes! (He was a half beat late. ) He reacted late. (I love Cuba. ) I love it. It will be hot. It will be very hot. Just take swimming suits. They always take off their shirts. – Really? / – The beaches are lovely. I should take a lot of underwear. The third member to go to Kazakhstan is. . . – It’s one of the two. / – It’s one of the two. – Let’s go to Cuba. / – It’s Joonyoung. Let’s go! – Am I going to Cuba? / – Kazakhstan! Cuba! Is Siyoon going to Cuba? Look at him. (This is crazy. ) – You. . . / – Go bite him! Go bite him! (Tom and Jerry belong together. ) Don’t try too hard. We shouldn’t try too hard. (He’s just happy. ) (I’ll just dance too. ) Siyoon, you should read about Cuba. – I will. / – Siyoon is good at that. When I typed Kazakhstan, minions came up. There are a lot of minions there. I searched for Cuba’s weather. It’s early morning, and it’s 26 degrees Celsius. It’s the early morning. I love going to Cuba. But we just went through the summer. Early morning tomorrow will be 31 degrees Celsius. (Oh, no. ) It will be better when you go. It will be cooler. You’re not familiar with the two countries. Why are you going to these countries? Who are your fans there? And who are the Koreans living there? What will you do there? – You want us to study it. / – Right. There is information about Cuba, but there’s nothing about Kazakhstan. That’s why we need to study. Why didn’t I know? Why didn’t you know? (They have to study before they leave. ) There’s information online. You can find everything online these days. Their capital is Havana. Thunderstorm. 23 to 26 degrees Celsius. What is “thunderstorm”? (You have to see these separately. ) (Will he be able to study by himself?) Che Guevara is from Cuba. He’s the revolutionary. (He was a Marxist revolutionary. ) “If you’re not ready to die for something,” “you can’t say it’s your life goal. ” Che Guevara. “Silence is argument carried out by other means. ” “Silence is argument” “carried out by other means. ” (It’s like a subway announcement. ) By Che Guevara. What did Che Guevara do? Didn’t he liberate his country? Do you think I am an idiot? (He only studies summaries. ) I am at a bookstore. I will look for books about Cuba. I have to find it. (However) Bibles. (We should’ve known how he is. ) “Travelling Abroad with 50 Dollars”. (We told him to study about Cuba. ) This is about scuba diving. (He shopped for books for an hour. ) (He’s reading a book about photography. ) It’s a book of poems. Cuba. I have to find a book about Cuba. Cuba. There it is. There it is. (He finds the book about Cuba. ) (He finishes his book shopping binge. ) (He finally starts studying,) (but he can’t concentrate. ) (He closes the book after reading the first page. ) I just need to know how to say hello. (After reading for a minute) What does it look like? Let’s look it up. Cuba. (He never opened the book again. ) (Siyoon buys the book, but never reads it. ) “Useful Spanish phrases in Cuba”. It’s hard to learn basic Spanish. “Fisico” means physical. (Fisico means physical. ) “Cuerpo” means body in Spanish. Cuerpo. (My body is big. ) “Boca” means mouth. Boca. Boca. Should I start eating? (When Defconn studies, he talks to himself loudly. ) “Pupila” means pupil? (Pupila means pupil. ) Dakota’s pupil. (He memorizes the words using metaphors. ) People would say this to me. (Hey, mister. You have a very big head. ) “Cara” means face. (Cara means face. ) (He even turns his flaws into teaching aids. ) Two Days and One Night. (We’re sorry Jongmin’s face is too close. ) Hello. To study about Kazakhstan. . . (He gets a notebook and the internet ready. ) I need a notebook and the internet. Kazakhstan. Astana. It has a population of (Jongmin writes everything down. ) 18. 5 million. Gosh, they must have a lot of empty land. 18. 5 million approximately. What’s “GDP”? “GDP”? (Glancing at the camera) It must be something good. (Silliest Member Award winner) All right. First of all, I need to know their language. Let’s try the translator. I should know how to say hello at least. Hello. (The translator speaks Kazakh. ) (He listens to it again and again. ) Briet. (He keeps repeating it. ) Privet. (After repeating it 27 times,) (he writes down how to say hello. ) It’s too hard. Hello, I’m Kim Jongmin. I’m going to study about Kazakhstan. (Joonyoung also wants to study it. ) I’ll study the Kazakhstan language since I’m good at learning languages. Kazakhstan language. (Joonyoung just reads it first. ) That’s hello. (He memorizes useful phrases. ) “Help yourself. ” “I’m hungry. ” I’ll forget it all later, right? I don’t need to study. Whatever. I’ll just sleep. (This is how a realistic cool guy studies. ) (And the last one is) (the winner of Most Fertile Award. ) About Kazakhstan. . . Hello, I’m Cha Taeun. (She cut her bangs herself. ) “Hello, I’m Cha Taeun. ” – No, you’re not. / – Hey, that’s my name. Your name is Cha Soojin. Hello, I’m Taeun. – Kazakhstan. . . / – Hello, I’m a silly one. Stop it. It says Korean-Kazakh people are all rich (He’s interested in money. ) because it’s their tradition to be thrifty. They must save a lot of money. Daddy has to go to a place called Kazakhstan. Don’t go there, Daddy. You don’t want me to go? It looks like my fans are there. – They’re not my fans, / – Still, don’t go. – but fans of this show. / – No. Don’t go. (It’s hard to study while babysitting. ) – Kazakhstan is. . . / – I’ll be alone then. – Don’t go. / – I’ll be back soon. I asked you to study before you go. I also gave each of you a camera. I assume you’ve studied hard. – Yes. / – I’ll give you a quiz. – My gosh. / – What do you mean? – What quiz? / – That’s ridiculous. We won’t be able to answer. We didn’t know what to study. Maybe it’s multiple choice questions. Do we get something if we answer correctly? We will give the ones with most correct answers in each team the One Ring before you depart. – The One Ring? / – When you go there, you can use it once. We can get out of a hard job. I should’ve studied. – Did you study? / – Just a little. – Junho. / – What are you doing? – That’s not fair. / – That’s cheating. – That’s cheating. / – Deduct one point. I’ll give you a quiz by country. Let’s start with Kazakhstan. – Good. / – Get ready. Can anyone answer it? – The One Ring. / – Can Team Cuba answer? No. When a couple agree to get married in Kazakhstan, they don’t tell their parents about it. It’s their custom to break the news through someone. – That’s unusual. / – They think it’s embarrassing to tell their parents themselves. Who do you think they break the news through? – It’s someone in the family. / – It must be the uncle. Wouldn’t it be their grandparents? – Me. / – Their cousin? I think it’s their sibling. – Sibling. / – Be more specific. Wrong. – Some don’t have one. / – We’re close. Right. What if you don’t have one? – Their dad’s brother? / – Their uncle. – Wrong. / – It must be their cousin. Their cousin? Their cousin? Wrong. – Jongmin. / – Their cousin’s cousin. Their grandparents. – Wrong. / – I know. – Their sister. / – That’s sibling. Their older sister or younger sister? Wrong. He was surprised. It must be close. It’s very close. – Is it close? / – Yes. Their neighbor? – Me. / – Yes? Their older or younger sister. – I said that’s not it. / – I know. Then. . . Their older brother. I think he’s right. “Big brother, please tell them. ” – I already said no. / – I know. So. . . He can’t keep changing his answer. So it’s not their older brother. – Their younger brother. / – That’s not the answer. It’s not a blood relative. – I know. / – Yes? – Step-brother. / – Wrong. – Me. / – Yes? – Their friend. / – Oh, that must be it. – Wrong. / – Wrong? I said it’s someone in the family. It’s not their uncle or cousin. If it’s not a blood relative, – why do you tell them? / – You said, family. They should just tell their parents themselves. – Seriously. / – I know! – Their father’s cousin? / – Me! – Sister-in-law? / – Their puppy. Their puppy? I know! Their puppy is family too. – Their sister-in-law. / – Yes. – Older brother’s wife. / – Brother-in-law. – Me! / – Brother-in-law. – Younger brother’s wife. / – I mean. . . Joonyoung is right. – Brother-in-law. / – Gosh, really? Why do they tell it to their sister-in-law? It’s their culture to consider it as a shame to tell their parents that they want to get married. Each country has a different culture. – I respect it. / – It’s unique, isn’t it? Elders often say a snake will appear if you whistle at night. In Kazakhstan, they don’t whistle at night because of a different reason. What’s the reason? – A different reason? / – Me. It summons the Grim Reaper. Wrong. It’s not something like that. Because it’s noisy. “Because it’s noisy”? – Wrong. / – It makes the birds fly. I’ll give you a hint. They think it makes something slip away. – Slip away. / – It must be money. – Money. / – Their luck slips away. – Wrong. / – Money. Try money. That’d be too easy. It’s obviously money. Why won’t you listen to us? Maybe they think it makes them unhealthy. – That’s not it. / – It’s money. – Wrong. / – Their energy slips away. – Wrong. / – It’s money! Money? No, it can’t be. Just try it. – Their money slips away. / – Correct. – See? / – Their money slips away. (They think it makes their money slip away. ) See? – It’s easy. / – Why didn’t you try it? We gave you the answer. Why didn’t you say it? Didn’t Jongmin say it at first? We’re the ones who answered it correctly. Doesn’t wealth mean money? No, that’s different. Wealth includes property. I just tried it. (Laughing) – From ancient times, / – It really was money. people believe it summons something evil. They think it brings something bad, but Kazakh people think it makes money slip away. Kazakh people think highly of certain parts of meat. Especially, a certain part of lamb means respect. They offer it to someone they respect. – They don’t eat it. / – I know. – The guest does. / – I know. Which part would it be? – I know. / – Do you know? You think it’s the head? (Tapping) – Shoulder? / – Yes. – Wrong. / – Ribs. – Lamb ribs? / – It sounds delicious. – Lamb ribs. / – Lamb’s heart. – Lamb’s blood. / – Wrong. – Kidney. / – Lamb’s feet? – Wrong. / – Its skin? – Wrong. / – Lamb’s legs. (Lamb’s legs) – Lamb’s legs. / – Lamb’s legs. Lamb’s legs! – Lamb’s legs. / – Lamb’s legs. Which one? The front legs or the hind legs? – One of its four legs. / – Did someone say kidney? – Wrong. / – Lamb’s head. – Lamb’s head. / – Lamb’s head. – No way. You try it. / – No way. – Try it. / – No. Lamb’s head! Correct! (The answer is lamb’s head. ) I told you to do it. See? – I can’t believe this. / – Is it lamb’s head? – Really? / – They’re in rhyme. You can eat a lamb’s head? The person who received a lamb’s head tasted it first and then shared it – with other people. / – That is so interesting. Guest are served a lamb’s head as a sign of respect. If you think about it, we eat ox heads and pig’s heads. So why not lamb’s heads? You will definitely get to eat a lamb’s head there. – Congratulations. / – It’s for special guests. – Right. / – They serve it to guests. You might play a game over the dish. (With the prior knowledge, they get to try it. ) (Looking serious) (Shocked) It’s looking at me. The quiz should be about something like. . . When they emigrated? Something like when the Koreans emigrated. When the Koreans emigrated? When is it, then? In 1937. – You memorized it? / – He studied it. Gosh, you’re amazing. I thought this would be asked on the quiz. Here comes the last question. To Kazakhs, the word “dastarhan” doesn’t only mean “table”, but also “abundance” and “satisfaction”. Abundance and satisfaction? – As in they’re satisfied? / – Yes. Therefore, tables are very precious to them. Stepping on this, which is deeply related to tables, is considered as a very impolite behavior. So you need to be very careful. What is this? – I know the answer. / – Go ahead. It’s so obvious. Is it threshold? – That’s smart of you. / – Threshold. – If you step on it. . . / – Is it a carpet? – It sounds likely. / – Incorrect. – It’s wrong? / – Red clay room? – No. / – Table cloth? – Table cloth. / – How can you step on it? – You must not step on it. / – Correct. – Am I correct? / – Yes. – I told you. / – Joonyoung. Kazakhstan has a lot of vast plains. They don’t put table clothes on the table, but on the floor and put the dishes on it. – I see. / – So it happens often. Stepping on the table cloth is impolite. I can understand that. So it’s like stepping on what we eat. – Exactly. / – They’re sedentary. I think we should learn such culture in advance or it’d be impolite. Joonyoung? (The ring goes to Joonyoung. ) – Gosh, Joonyoung. / – This ring is so big. You must bring the ring to Kazakhstan. – I should bring this? / – If you lose it or don’t have it there, it won’t do anything. I think you’ll be caught at the security check. I will be wearing the ring. – They won’t catch him. / – What’s wrong with it? How childish. Now, let me give questions to Team Cuba. – All right. / – I’m ready. In Cuba, they have a special custom about never queuing in a straight line. – Did you know that? / – Really? Amazingly, they go in the right order even though they don’t line up. How do they do this? – I know the answer. / – It’s the height. I know the answer. They get number cards. – He’s smart. / – They get number cards. – It’s. . . / – Incorrect. – They give number cards? / – They give away number cards. That’s also incorrect. They distribute the number cards. Let’s think about it again. Stay calm. Those who traveled the most are served first. It will take forever to check that. – You’re right. / – Incorrect. It’s always them, so they know each other. Are they regular customers? It’d be like this. – Hey, it’s you again. / – Hey, Mr. Kim. You arrived after me. – All right. / – Go to the back. They leave their things at the counter. – Incorrect. / – What’s the answer? I’ll give you a hint. Please listen carefully. I’ll play a few songs that have one thing in common. Guess what it is and tell me the answer. (“As If It’s Your last” by Blackpink) – It’s Blackpink’s song. / – Isn’t this Blackpink? (Stop pretending that you know it. ) (He looks like he has no idea. ) ♪ As if it’s your last It goes like this ♪ – What’s this? / – It’s “Last. . . ” – They all have “last”. / – I know the answer. The last person to arrive hands out tickets to the rest. (He’s obsessed with tickets. ) – I know. / – It makes sense, right? The last person to arrive makes way for the one who came right before him. – What? / – “You go first. ” – What are you saying? / – “I arrived after you. ” “You came first, so you go first. ” – Incorrect. / – I think I know it. They remember the person before them. They remember who is right in front of themselves. Correct. (Defconn got it right. ) (Surprised) (Speechless) You stole my answer! (With the stolen answer, Defconn wins one point. ) Gosh, unbelievable. The last person to come asks a question to the group of people waiting there. “Who is the last to come?” Then the person raises their hand. You just need to remember who that is and wait. They’re really smart. Cubans are free-spirited people who like to have fun and love dancing. They especially love dancing to Latin music. – Dance. / – Here comes the question. Hurry up. Dance. – Here comes the question. / – Dance. (He stands up. ) (Is it a dance competition?) Which pop song’s title has the name of Latin dance? Each correct answer will give you one point. We accept the answer only when you can sing it. The one who already said a correct answer can also try to guess multiple times. Something like samba, cha cha and rumba? ♪ Samba samba samba samba ♪ (I know the answer. ) – ♪ You are dancing ♪ / – What else? – What’s the song’s title? / – It’s Tae Jinah’s song. I know it. It’s “Cha Cha With You”. – “Lady Samba”. / – Pardon me? – “Lady Samba”. / – What? Have some confidence. “Lady Samba”. Speak more confidently. (He says “Lady Samba” with more confidence. ) – “Lady” or “Lover”? / – “Lady Samba”. Who is the singer? Sul Woondo. That is correct. (Samba samba samba samba) Why wouldn’t you trust me? – You’re distrustful of us. / – Is that it? – I almost said “Beach Lady”. / – I know the answer. “Cha Cha Together” by Sul Woondo. – That’s correct. / – Cha cha is also a dance. – I have no idea. / – It’s so difficult. Samba. . . We don’t know what kind of Latin dance there is. – Something like rumba? / – I don’t know. – Is there any song with “rumba” in the title? / – No. (He sings a song. ) (This melody sounds somewhat familiar. ) – What’s the title of it? / – “Round and Round”. It’s created by an anonymous songwriter. (Junho makes the others embarrassed. ) – Isn’t it correct? / – That’s incorrect. Tell us the name of the dances. There are mambo and. . . I know. It’s performed by Kim Buseon. (Me?) “Mambo”. (It seems like he was thinking of this song. ) (It’s not Kim Buseon, but Kim Buyong. ) – Kim Buseon’s. . . / – “Jumpo Mambo” by Cool. (I got it. ) “Jumpo Mambo” by Cool. – ♪ Jumpo mambo ♪ / – “Jumpo Mambo”? – ♪ Jumpo mambo ♪ / – Correct. – Good job! / – Thank you. – I told you I’d help you. / – Junho won two points. Let me tell you what else there are. Salsas, cha cha, samba, jive, paso doble. What is paso doble? – Salsa? / – I think there’s no more. Isn’t there a song called “Sad Salsa”? – “Sad Salsa” by Baek Zyoung. / – Correct. You should sing the song as well. – What? / – Sing the song. ♪ I give up on you ♪ – Right? / – All right. I didn’t know who the artist was. – Thank you. / – There’s “Sad Salsa”? It’s sung by my friend, Zyoung. There’s one more song left. There’s a really popular song that has mambo in it. The artist who performed this song is Silver Bell Sisters. – Come on. / – We don’t know it. (We gave you all the hints we can give. ) It’s a really famous song. (We found it!) (Taehyun found the correct answer. ) What is that? (What are you doing?) What is that? It’s “Nilili Mambo” by Silver Bell Sisters! Correct! – It’s a famous song. / – Thank you. I know this song. (He sings the song. ) My goodness. ♪ Nilili mambo ♪ – It was this song. / – I don’t know this song. (Current score of Junho, Siyoon and Defconn) The original name of Che Guevara, who led the Cuban Revolution to success, is Ernesto Guevara de la Serna. During the revolution, Guevara changed his name into Che Guevara. What does the Spanish word “che” mean? – I read this in a book. / – “Sir”? – I know. / – Yes? – It means “the best”. / – I think it’s correct. I know. It means “friend”. – I think it’s “friend”. / – It means “the best”. – “The friend”. / – Junho is correct. I intercepted the answer. I intercepted it. “Che” means “Hey, friend”. – Friend. / – Che! What’s wrong with you, Siyoon? – He’s out. / – Automatically, Siyoon is out. The next question might decide the winner or you may go to the final round. Here goes the question. Cuba is one of the best countries in the world when it comes to the healthcare system. Cuban doctors work with pride and they are greatly respected by many people. There’s one thing that Cuban doctors can’t do. To do this, they need the government’s permission. What’s this? Plastic surgery. I know the answer. – Incorrect. / – Can that be marriage? Dining together. – Incorrect. / – I know. Circumcision. (Laughing) Incorrect. Could it be smoking or drinking? Government’s permission? – Smoking and drinking. / – Incorrect. – Travel. / – What travel? – Traveling abroad. / – A honeymoon trip. – Say one answer please. / – Traveling abroad. – Traveling abroad. / – Correct. Yes! – Traveling abroad? / – Goodness. Traveling abroad. Unbelievable. From what I know, healthcare is free there. The Cuban government send their health workforce worldwide, but many of them don’t return and try to immigrate to countries like the US where the high wage is promised, which troubles the Cuban government. – Thank you. / – Here you are. Congratulations. Congratulations. – He got the ring. / – It’s One Ring. Even if Junho has the ring, he can’t use it. I’m sure Defconn won’t get to use it either. (Please take good care of it. ) I can relate him to Cuba very well. This is why you asked us to study. (Let’s study until the day we leave. ) Last week, we gave One Ring to Joonyoung and Defconn. Right. If you do any harm on me on the way to Kazakhstan, I’ll send you to Cuba right away. (Scared) How do you feel now? – What? / – How we feel? I’m really excited. This is not just a trip. We’re visiting someone. They are waiting for us at the airport. We’re selected by them. The three of us are wanted by those in Cuba and these three are wanted by those in Kazakhstan. I can’t wait to go meet those who awaits us. It takes 17 hours? – It takes 18 hours. / – 18 hours. I have a concern, though. It’d be nice if we could speak the language, – but we can’t. / – We can speak English. – We can speak English. / – In Cuba. . . I studied Spanish. – Did you? / – We can say “hola”. – “Hola” means hello. / – “Hola”? “Soy Defconn. ” “Soy” comes before your name. “Soy” and “Hola” are all you need to know. – Okay. / – “Hola. ” Maybe we should bring a book. Do they speak Russian in Kazakhstan? In most cases, “hello” would work. – Can we speak Korean? / – He speaks good English. He can speak English and Chinese. I personally wish you encounter your love there. I wish the same. A love story would be nice. I wish you get lost there so we get more viewers. (I wish you would go missing. ) We can film the whole process looking for you. Then we will have five episodes. We’ll be on the news. “Where are you, Jongmin?” (Two Days and One Night news) I’m looking forward to it. Now, they started boarding. – Really? / – Please go to your gate. – See you. / – Take care. – Brother. / – Have a nice trip. – Goodbye, brothers. / – Take care. – See you. / – Bye. Have a nice trip. – Let’s get going. / – Be careful in the plane. (Stay healthy and see you again!) Be careful. – Have a nice trip. / – See you. – Are you not coming? / – Are you going to Cuba? – Who is coming with us? / – Director Seong. Yes! I’m so happy. Let’s mess with him. Let’s make plans. We can manage Director Seong. Are you sure we don’t need a Russian textbook? We have a translator. I don’t know how to use the translator. Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. – Where are you going? / – To Kazakhstan. – To which city, sir? / – To Almaty. How’s the weather condition today? Weather condition? I wish it won’t shake too much. (He’s scared of flying. ) We should eat enough food before we go. We should eat a lot in the plane. In the plane, we can do whatever we want. We start filming once we arrive there, right? Well, that’s not the original plan. That’s nonsense. Would you like to stop by there? – We should buy a book. / – A Russian textbook. I wonder if they have it. – Let’s take a look. / – Look here. – It’s here. / – Russian. English, Russian. (They immediately found a textbook. ) – One is enough. / – Take the small one. My throat hurts. (My throat hurts. ) – My throat hurts. / – My throat hurts. Do you think it’ll help? We can just show it to them. You’re right. We can show the book to the people. It’d be nice if we can say a few words. We should at least be able to say “Nice to meet you. ” I can’t believe I’m going abroad with you guys. (Team Cuba is on their way to check in. ) It’s the first time going abroad with you. – It is. / – Right? Did you hear anything about guests? (Junho wants to have guests. ) No. Who would come to Cuba? Narae would be a perfect guest in Cuba. Someone who is fun. Narae? (Narae in Cuba?) – Hello. / – Hello. Hello. Hello. We’re going to Canada. – Passport, please. / – Welcome. We transfer in Canada and go to Cuba. He goes to toilet often, so please give him the seat that is close to it. I’ll give you the front seats. – Toilet seats, please. / – Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for your kindness. Excuse me, but she can speak Korean well. – Are you Korean? / – She’s fluent in Korean. I thought she was a foreigner. – I’m Korean. / – Thank you. – Have a nice trip. / – We will. Thank you. Hello. I got two tickets. It’s because we’ll transfer. There are two tickets because we’ll transfer. We get two tickets if we transfer? – Yes. / – I see. (Will it go all right with these old guys?) (Next week) (10-Year Thank You Special, Let’s Go to Cuba) (Cuba is the gem of the Caribbean. ) (They feel the freedom with their whole body. ) (They dance salsa and get along with Cuban ladies. ) (The fun continues in Cuba. ) (Kazakhstan, the land of nomads) (A real wild variety show) (But why did we come here?) It’s quiet. (There’s nobody. ) (There’s more. ) (No one notices them. ) (Is it going as we planned?) (Don’t forget that this is 10-year Special. ) (They can’t trust the staff. ) (See you next week. ) (“Bboom Bboom” by Momoland).

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