Happy 2Nd Wedding Monthsary 3 Jingki Bummie 2Nd Wedding Anniversary
Happy 2Nd Wedding Monthsary 3 Jingki Bummie 2Nd Wedding Anniversary

Beautiful 2Nd Wedding Anniversary


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So, it’s your second year wedding anniversary, and you’re not quite sure what to get for that second year present. My name is Blake Kennedy, and I’m with Kennedy Brothers Estate Services. I’m here to see if I can’t help you out. The second year is kind of an awkward year, because you still have a lot of presents that you think are new from that wedding that you had two years ago, but it’s also a good time to add to your china. China is on the modern list of what to buy that particular year. So, you’ll go through all of your china, because you probably haven’t had a party at your house yet, and you want to have that party cause’ you’ve gotten kind of things organized, and you went and realized I don’t have a complete place setting, so it’s a perfect opportunity to add to the place settings of your china. And if you have all your china already in order you go for that everyday china, because that’s stuff that you use everyday and you can always add to it. You can never have enough china in your collection of everyday wear because you know it breaks. So you might as well have extra of it. So, it’s a great opportunity to go out and buy those extra pieces of china that you didn’t get when you first got married. My name is Blake Kennedy, and I hope that helped you out. .

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