Bachelorette Party Games Strawberry And Hearts Bachelorette Party Games
Bachelorette Party Games Strawberry And Hearts Bachelorette Party Games

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This is a really funny game called Hit the Target. And, all you need is a few rolls of toilet paper, a broom stick, and then you’re going to split up all your girls at your bachelorette party in to teams of two. You’re going to want to have a read with a second hand, or a stop read, because you only want to give them two minutes to hit all their targets. And, what you’re going to do is, you’re going to divide them in to teams of two. One person on the team is going to be the broom holder. So, I’m going to show you how you’re going to do that. You have to take the broom and put it between your knees, and you’ve got to put your hands behind your back. And so, one person holds the broom. Then the second person has to do the same thing, but with the toilet paper roll. So again, we’re going to put the toilet paper between the knees, and the hands behind the back, and they have to work their way towards each other, getting the toilet paper on to the broom. Now, they’ve only got two minutes to get as many rolls as possible, and they can fill up the whole broom stick, so have enough rolls available for that. And, you’re going to time them, and the team who gets the most rolls on the stick wins. It’s hilarious to read. You’re going to have people dropping the brooms, falling down, dropping toilet paper. It’s really a funny game. And, if you have a camcorder handy, you definitely want to film it. And again, the winner is going to get a prize. So the more rolls of toilet paper they can get on a stick, the more likely they are to be the winner and win the prize in the stick game. .

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