Bed Bath And Beyond Online Coupon 20 Off Bed Bath And Beyond Online Coupon
Bed Bath And Beyond Online Coupon 20 Off Bed Bath And Beyond Online Coupon

Cute Bed Bath And Beyond Online Coupon


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Hey guys, What’s up? It’s The Frugal Man LA. I’m at Bed Bath and Beyond and I’m going to show you a great hack to save a lot of money. What some people don’t know is there’s a drugstore section inside some Bed Bath and Beyond’s.

Where you can get all your toiletries, you can find shaving cream, body wash, shampoo, razor blades, floss whatever you need, and with my secret hack I’m going to show you how to get those items at a great discount. It is hot as ball out here right now! We’re going to start with the Bed Bath and Beyond $5. 00 off coupon. These coupons come in the mail every couple of weeks, maybe you throw them away, maybe you don’t pay any attention to them. But these are actually a great way to save money. When you read the fine print, it’s $5. 00 off the purchase of $15. 00 or more. What you want to do is get as close to $15. 00 as possible which essentially would make this coupon a 33% off coupon. So your going to get 33% off your purchase. Which will already knocked the prices down to way cheaper than Walmart, Target, CVS. But what we’re going to do is go into coupon beast mode, and knock these prices down to cheaper than a dollar store by stacking manufacturer coupons on top of that. We’re going to pay less than a dollar for some of our purchases inside. So let me go inside and I’m gonna show you how to do this amazing hack. The first thing I’m going to get are two bottles of body wash at $3. 99 each. I have two $2. 00 off coupons to use. I keep a running total on my calculator on my phone, so I know when I get close to $15. 00. Next, I’m going to grab a can shave gel which is also $3. 99. I’m going to add that to my total. And finally, I’m gonna grab some floss, which is $3. 69. Adding that up and we get $15. 66 pretty close to $15. 00. Now let’s go check out and see how much money we can save. (Employee) Do you have any coupons? (The Frugal Man LA) Of course I do, here you go. (Employee) OK, you’ll save $6. 00 on these coupons here and the $5. 00 off the Bed Bath and Beyond coupon. (SFX) boop! Now on my receipt, they actually show you the price minus my 33% off coupon. So for my shaving gel, I paid $2. 72 minus a $1. 00 with the manufacturer’s coupon, I paid $1.

72. For my floss, I paid $2. 51 minus the manufacturer’s coupon, I paid $1. 51. For my bottles of body wash, I paid $2. 72 and I had coupons for both bottles, so I actually paid $0. 72 cents for my bottles of body wash. For a grand total of $5. 62. (SFX) cash register. I’ve been using this hack for years to save a ton of money. I hope you guys take this information and save yourself some money. Follow me on YouTUBE, “The Frugal Man LA” for more great tips, and hints, and hacks to save yourself a lot of money till next time. (SFX) Tone Don’t pay any attention to them, I’m going to tell you these are a great deal. (Airplane sound to loud) OK, let’s try, try it again. . . .

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