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[Music] hello everyone welcome to the one-stop co-op shop today we’re gonna do a top 15 list it’s a little bit of different than the top 10 but I could not just pick 10 solo games so I decided to do a top 15 hope you guys enjoy it what we’re gonna do is one I give you a quick description to I tell you what I like about the game 3 and I tell you why I like it for solo specifically and then 4 I tell you if you don’t like this you’re not gonna like the game so those are the 4 things that I give you I’m not gonna talk anymore because the website is long enough hope you guys enjoy number 15 is roleplayer this is a diced rafting game it takes about 30 minutes or less for a solo game and the setup takes less than 5 minutes role player designed by Keith matka and published by Thunder works games is a 1 to 4 player game where players compete to build the best character by obtaining the most victory points in a solo game you are trying to score as many victory points as possible the skull game does not utilize a competitive player you’re playing against but rather you have tiers of points that depicts how successful you’ve been in the game in order to create some tension in the solo game there is a dummy player or a dummy die that you will roll depending on which die you choose to draft each round if you choose the first initiative card you will not need to roll a die if you choose the second initiative car you will need to roll a die and on a one two or three the dummy diet will discard one of the market cards if you decide to take the third initiative die thereby claiming the highest number to die you will roll the die and guarantee the dummy will discard one of the market cards after you’ve rafted your die and purchased your market card you will start the next round after your character sheet has been filled with dice you will count up your victory points and see how you fared why do I like this game well first of all I really enjoy dice drafting I love how it works so if you decide to go for that lower number die then you get to be the first one to go and grab a market card I just really I really appreciate that because normally you’re trying to go for the numbered ones to complete your attribute goals but sometimes it’s better for you to grab that lower number dine so you guarantee you get a market card and heck if you place that die in a certain spot in your character sheet you may even be able to switch it to the other side or increase it by one it’s so cool so I just really enjoyed the dice drafting mechanic replayability you’ve got tons of backstory cards tons of alignment cards tons of class cards the only thing I wish that there was more of his market cards but I do think that that would kind of mess up the armor cards those armor cards are good because there’s not a ton of cards in the marketplace but I don’t know we’ll see it the expansions coming out soon we’ll see if adding different market cards makes the game better or I should say just more playable points so you have so many different ways to get points in this game I could go for all weak abilities and always get really low dice to place into my character sheet but then I get to get really good market cards and I can get market cards that actually give me victory points and maybe even more victory points if I had really weak stats so I really like how you can do that you can maybe go towards just getting bunches of skills and then getting a victory point for each skill that you have it’s really cool all the different ways you can get points it also means that you’re less likely to be screwed if you don’t roll high all the time why is the game good solo well first of all I really appreciate a game that has an incredibly fast setup plays less than 20 to 30 minutes and then it’s quick to take down a lot of times when I’m playing a solo game it’s gonna be in the evening after the kids go to bed I don’t have tons of time I might be exhausted this one quick and ready to rock dice mitigation so a lot of times dice cannot be your friend and that can be really frustrating especially in a solo game you’re going well I want to make the best decisions but I just I can’t because all the dice are terrible but the way this game plays there are so many ways you can mitigate poor dice rolls or even change them to be poor dice rolls if that’s what you’re trying to go for so I really appreciate that and it just allows me to always feel like I have a chance at getting a good score finally this is a puzzle although the game does not feel like a puzzle it is really one in many regards but it’s not a puzzle that’s solvable which is ideal because you don’t want a game where after you’ve played it a couple times you have solved it and then why would you play it again solo now every time the cards are gonna come out differently you’re gonna be deciding to go for different ways to make victory points but in essence it is a puzzle well should I put this die here to affect this and then make me get that card and what’s the dummied I’m gonna take for me I really like that feel I love puzzle games you’ll see that a lot in my top 15 I do have a solo play of this game if you’re interested it feel free to check it out I will say this game is not for you if you prefer to have a solo game without dice because it’s a dice drafting game you’re gonna be rolling and using dice also if you want to compete against an AI there is no AI here and lastly although the replayability is high if you play this game over and over again in a short amount of time which is usually what I do you’ll find that it feels a little bit samey after a while just because you’re building a character over and over again that’s what you’re doing so you you might just want to play this two or three times and take a break and then come back to it but if you’re looking for a game that you can just play over and over and over again this probably isn’t the one for you [Music] number 14 is clank-clank is a deck-building slash dungeon delving game or a cave dev delving game for the solo game it lasts about 45 to 75 minutes the setup takes about eight to ten minutes and so does take down Clank designed by Paul Denon and published by running game games is a 1 to 5 player competitive game when you were sneaking into a dungeons den does steal as much loot and hopefully an artifact or two from the dragon and then get out before you’re killed by the dragon or your opponent’s escape the den and then force you to run out of time to escape in a solo game instead of having an opponent you’re going against you have an app and this app acts like your timer slash event deck essentially and it will sometimes point out when the dragon attacks it will provide you also with short-term quests for you to complete you can ignore those short term goals and focus on your main goal which is to grab an artifact but by doing so it will be very costly for you and negative things can happen to you so you have to focus on both the quests and your overall goal conversely though if you spend too much time focusing on the short-term quest you’ll never get what you need to get done for your art for the overall game of getting an artifact and either the dragons are gonna get you or your friend levels gonna go too high what are you gonna run out of time the game is a victory point game when you’re trying to beat your own score yet you can still lose if you don’t get out of the den before you are exhausted there are no tears to what’s considered to be a good game or a bad game but I usually say it for a solo game if you can score in the high hundreds that’s a pretty good game why do I like this game the first and foremost is it’s just a lot of fun it’s not hard to see why it’s fun I mean between the fun looking parts of the cards the app and the fact that you’re running on a cave and sneaking around a steal treasure yeah do I need to say any more it’s so much fun it’s just you feel the theme you feel you feel like you’re in that dungeon or I always want to call it a dungeon but it’s more like a cave you’re in that cave it’s a blast there’s this push your luck mechanic where you know if you want to go and get more of the more expensive artifacts that’s gonna get you more victory points you have to delve deep into the game but then that’s more likely that you’re gonna get killed so it’s a very simple push your luck mechanic that I really appreciate and I enjoy you’ll see that you don’t have that as much in the solo game but certainly in the competitive game I love to push your luck lastly just the Clank mechanic oh what a fun mechanic so there’s gonna be cards that you play that’s gonna cause Clank to go into this Clank pool and then every time the dragon attacks you grab that Clank which is just some cubes and throw it into a bag and then you draw cubes out of the bag and if your cube is drawn you take a wound so simple yet it’s so effective and every time you’re pulling cubes out like oh no not my color not my color I love it what a great mechanic so why is the game good solo well first of all you can play with one deck and I love that I I really don’t like playing deck villas with multiple decks cuz I have a hard time remembering well which cards am i pointing into which deck so as this deck gonna be my fight deck and this one’s my you know defense deck or whatever you know it’s harder for me to keep track of that but if it’s a solo deck builder I’m just building one or fect the app okay for me personally this game solo isn’t even worth it without the app I believe there are some variants on vgg but not you know to me you need those short-term quests in order to push you to do things other than just go and grab the most expensive artifact so the app is really well integrated it’s got fun music I really really recommend if you’re gonna try it solo you use the app so I do have a solo playthrough of this one if you’re interested in go ahead and check it out now I will say this game’s not for you if you’re looking for a great deck builder this is a fun deck builder not a great deck builder there’s very minimal cards that allow you to destroy cards in your deck so you’re not gonna be optimizing your deck it’s gonna be much more of a ooh this card looks cool game instead of a I want to create an awesome engine game which is fine and that’s just wanting you to know that’s what this type of game is but if you’re looking for a really engine building or or a deck optimization game this isn’t for you if you care about looks the board does not look great and the cards are kind of flimsy so you might not like that and then lastly if you want actually beat an opponent there is no AI in the when it is victory points only [Music] number thirteen terraforming Mars so terraforming Mars is an engine building game it’ll last you about 45 to 75 minutes solo depending on how much ap you have and the setup only takes about five to seven minutes it’s very quick to set up very quick to take down especially if you have the broken token organizer for the game that really helps terraforming Mars designed by Jakob flux Ilyas and published by stronghold games is a one to five player competitive game where players work together to terraform Mars through raising the temperature of the planet placing all the ocean tiles on the board and increasing the oxygen level in the solo game you’re trying to complete all of these objectives on your own within 14 rounds each round you’ll draw four cards and choose which ones to keep you have to pay three mega credits per card that you keep then once you’ve drafted your cards you’ll move to your action phase will you get to pay the cost of the cards in your hand to lay them down on your tableau these cards will have various effects to make Mars habitable and some will even provide you with victory points as you play the game you’ll create your own engine with the cards that you play and you succeed if you terrifying terraform the planet within 14 rounds once you do win you can check your victory points on your cards as well as your total hot terraforming a rating and then compare that to the results from game to game a really good game would be around a hundred points I still haven’t even gotten to a hundred points if I don’t even care I just have a lot of fun with it so why do I like this game well every time I have played it it has had tight gameplay and now what do I mean by that well no matter how good I am at building an engine I always feel like it seems to come down right to the wire maybe the last two rounds before I can get all of my objectives complete so to me that just means they did a great job designing the solo game and even competitively you can play this it still feels like tight gameplay people usually don’t blow others out of the water that’s not always the case but in general I really liked the tight gameplay replayability this game you start off with 12 different starting corporations that you can use each one has you with different starting components so you might have a lot of tools with one of them are a lot of titanium but others you might have a lot of mega credits and then each one has their own special ladies plus there’s a huge stack of cards that you’re gonna be drafting from I can play at least three or even four solo games in a row and never even have to shuffle that deck I just get new cards every time that is awesome there’s so much replayability there now why is the game good solo well engine building that is the number one reason there’s something so satisfying with reading your engine going a game but when you play competitively it’s not so much fun if someone else has a really fun engine and you’re just sitting there right when you’re playing solo that means you can enjoy the intricacies of your engine without having to wait for other players and the game just does a great job of providing you with a ton of different types of engines and so that’s do you get to pick and choose and create and you couldn’t spend that time making that engine and you don’t have to feel like well I’m slowing the whole game down because I’m trying to do that in this competitive setting there’s a winning objective so all the game is a beat your own score game it also has a winning objective so whenever I play it I usually don’t even care about victory points I told maybe the last two rounds and I’m pretty sure I’m gonna get to the media to my objectives and I like that because and overall I prefer solo games that are more that are not about just points but I do appreciate it that when you win you can check your points and then compare it to how you’ve won other games and that’s exactly what terraforming Mars is from a solo perspective lastly no downtime so when you play this competitively there’s a lot of time when you’re sitting around and doing nothing when you play this solo none of that some solo games you spend more time you know also just moving around the AI but not in this one this one it’s all about you it’s all about your engine I love it it just all you have to worry about is to draw pay and then play I don’t have a playthrough of this one yet I do plan on doing one let me know if you’re interested but I know board games with newer moss he has 12 solo playthroughs one with each of each of the starting corporations and then ant lamp games does a competitive one I really highly recommend you check those two out now this game is not for you solo if you want an AI and there is none because there isn’t one and then also if you don’t want to play a beat your own score game yeah you’re not gonna want this game because it is a feature on score game lastly the art and component quality is okay it’s kind of bland I mean it is Mars but if you want a game that really gets you into the theme yeah probably not gonna be the one for you number 11 The Dresden Files cooperative card game so this is a card game it takes about 20 to 30 minutes to play solo and set up is less than five minutes Dresden Files designed by Erik Vogel and published by evil hat Productions is a 1 to 5 player cooperative card game where players have to work together with limited resources to solve more investigations than there are foes left on the board at the end of the game for the solo game you will play three characters in the book series you will set up a tableau of cards from each of the character decks and then you’ll have to use those cards to eliminate as many foes as you can and investigate enough cases to win the game and don’t forget about the final showdown why do I like this game well first it’s the theme I have read the books and so I have a hard time not enjoying it every time you play each book you’re gonna see how the cards interacting with oh my gosh just like in the story so they did a great job of dripping the theme into this game really really well and if you play this cooperatively with anybody that has read the books you guys will love it the Fate mechanic I love the shared action pool system and it works extremely well you always have that difficult choice all should I discard my I cost card for more fate or should I use it and deplete the fateful pool and so then I’ll have to later have some other character discard cards and if ever you accidentally go over your total fate well then you will immediately go to the final showdown and you’re done so you’ve gotta be careful with how you use your fate points and I just love how that works lastly replayability the game has tons of books to begin with and you can play with tons of different characters and every time you set up the board cards are gonna be in different places and it’s gonna totally change how your game plays out and I really appreciate that the only thing is you always have to play with Harry Harry always has to be one of your characters and for me that just rubs me a little bit the wrong way just because I want to try others but I understand that they set up the the balance of the game with always having Harry’s abilities why is the game good solo well the big thing is it’s a puzzle of all the games I have on this list it’s probably the most puzzling you have all the information in front of you and the only variable is dice rolling and if you take any advantages that allow you to draw more cards but I will say this even though it’s a puzzle it’s not a solvable puzzle due to the range mechanic cards can be set up differently each time on the board and will create a different story and you’ll have to work through the obstacles in different ways depending on how it’s set up so although it is a puzzle it’s not a solvable puzzle which I like normally I don’t like this but in Dresden Files I love the dieing retry the setup of the game is so quick the game plays so quick if I get a really bad setup and I play and I lose I was 20 minutes or whatever I can just reset it up play it again great to easily do this in a session a solo session four games in an hour perfect I do have a playthrough of this one if you’re interested feel free to check it out now this game’s not for you if you do not want to play multiple characters in a solo game you’re not gonna feel like you’re one character because you’re gonna have to play three also if you’re not looking for a puzzle heavy game you’re looking more for an adventure type or your rolling dice to see if you do damage or don’t yeah this isn’t gonna be for you this is a very much a puzzle game and if you have an aversion to the theme some people if you don’t care about the theme you can still enjoy it but some people really don’t like wizards or magic or the type of wizards and magic in The Dresden Files so then this may not be for you number twelve is baseball highlights 2045 so this is a deck building game the length from a solo game is about 45 to 60 minutes and setup takes less than five minutes baseball highlights 2045 designed by Mike Fitzgerald and published by ego Gryphon games is a 1 to 4 player competitive game where you play many baseball games against your opponents for the solo game you have a quick preseason by round or two and then you go against an AI deck full of upgraded cars and a best-of-seven World Series if you can take four games from the AI before they take four games from you you win why do I like this game well first of all it’s the theme I play baseball pretty much through high school so the theme really strikes a good chord with me I feel like I’m playing baseball I love that sport it’s probably my favorite sport so I really appreciate that deck building so when you purchase your new cards for your deck instead of those just going to your discard pile and then filling up your deck you actually get to throw away a card from the hand that you used in the last game this means that you only ever have 15 cards in your deck anybody think of renegade and but not only that you get to buy when you buy cards they go to the top of your deck so you get to see them in the next game so there’s a real good strategy there of well you know I’m thinking I’m gonna need this for the next game etc etc and even in a competitive game that is really interesting because you will get to know what your opponent is buying and you know they’re gonna have them in your hand so you can plan accordingly you know a little bit about their team and it’s that makes perfect sense though matically I love it but yeah and also your deck gets to be upgraded very quickly which also I appreciate last the fun factor just like Clank it’s not a highly strategic game instead it’s more of a fun solo it’s such a blast when you can cancel that ai’s homerun and you win the game or you cry a little bit when that happens to you instead but I do I just I love how much fun it is to play this one why is the game good solo well first of all one deck and this is similar to Clank just like Clank you only have one deck that you’re running and you go against one eh I deck I prefer that in a solo deck building experience the length of the game so although the overall game could take you about 45 to 60 minutes what’s really great about this game is you can do a little minigames and then stop and then come back to it so a mini game will take you 8 to 10 minutes max when you’re done with that you can do a buy around upgrade your deck a little bit and then call it for a night and then go and start it again tomorrow so very very easy to do small sections of this game and I really appreciate that from a solo perspective the AI so there is an AI in this one and I swear that bot just knows how to tick you off even though that AI is only just using 15 random upgraded cards you will find that you’ll always flip over the one that cancels one hit when you’re trying to hit that three-run homer you know but the other thing about that ai is it does provide replayability because each time you play the game solo you’re gonna see a totally different type of AI deck in my solo playthrough I saw a ton of gift cards that hit well against cyborgs so I ended up changing my deck so I had almost no cyborgs but other plays it’s been totally different so I really appreciate that and yeah like I just said I do have a playthrough a solo one if you want to check it out if you’re interested now this game’s not for you if you’re looking for a strategic deck builder because it’s not once again it’s more fun than strategic if you have zero interest in baseball it can still work as a solo game but a lot of this games enjoyment is about the theme and so if you don’t like the theme you might have a hard time like in the game and lastly if you’re looking for a smart AI one that reacts to what you’re doing and changes based on how you’re playing yeah this isn’t for you you’re just drawing the top card of the AI deck so a lot of times what they play doesn’t make sense it’s those times where they do it does make sense that you get frustrated but it’s a lot of fun but if you’re looking for that smart AI yeah maybe not for you number 10 sword & Sworcery this is a dungeon crawling game the length is around a hundred to 150 minutes to play it and set up time takes probably 15 minutes and maybe even more sword & Sworcery designed by Simone Romano and nut Co Sorachi published by ares games is a 1 to 5 player cooperative game where players work together through a campaign setting in a fantasy world in a solo game you can choose to play a 2 to 5 heroes and walk through an entire campaign there is an option to do one-off scenarios as well but the game is totally set up to be a campaign where you level up your heroes along the way the game has a somewhat engaging story and great tactical gameplay instead of using a great movement the game uses a simple area movement where domination of characters provides you with additional successes so why do I like this game first of all the components there’s something about minis on a board and beautiful minis at that you’ll have minis on a modular board system it looks fantastic and if you have the Kickstarter version with metal coins and many doors and mini chess a young player order this is something kind of simple but for whatever reason I really appreciate this fact that every time you play this game so each round you can choose who goes first second third and whatnot I’ve really liked how I can decide who gets to go and I’m not stuck into it well now your first player well now your first player so I really appreciate that with your player order you can make strategic choices of what you need to go first this round or I need to go first this round I really like that why is the game good solo well the campaign that is number one it’s sometimes difficult for you to Fermi at least to find people that can consistently play a campaign style board game especially when you have kids playing this game solo means that anytime I pull it out I can just keep going with my story I can do it in my own pace and I don’t have to worry about trying to get people together to play that campaign and I get to level up my heroes and I get to see progression and I will progress and the enemies book will progress and then I’m my what I’m trying to do is is to progress faster than the enemies love that next is the heroes themselves the meat of this game has to do with hero selection and how you level them up this is so fun and provides a lot of challenges in trying to synergize your heroes now if you’re playing this cooperatively you might have a little harder time with this because somebody will only play an elf or whatever and so then you’re gonna be stuck into trying to be okay well I’m gonna have to be the tank even if I don’t want to if you play solo you get to set your characters or your heroes up into the best possible way that you want lastly and this is the most juiciest part of sword sorcery the AI it is some of the best AI I’ve seen out there for dungeon crawlers there’s tons of variable very abilities and abilities and you never know exactly what they’re gonna do based on are they going to use their on-hand offhand weapon who’s gonna activate and how they’re gonna work and what happens is instead of all players going and then all a I activating after each turn you’re gonna activate a certain amount of AI and so that is such a great mechanic to provide you with this back and forth instead of it feeling like oh well I can just take out all the enemies before they even go I really like how the AI system is set up in sword and sorcery I do have to play throughs of this one actually if you’re interested the first quest and the second quest and I am planning on doing one about one a month all the way through the campaign now this game’s not for you if you don’t want to play multiple heroes you have to play at least with two I’m gonna suggest three or five if you play it if you don’t enjoy when AI turns can sometimes take longer than your own turns that sometimes happens in this game you might go move to one attack and then you have to activate three blue enemies and going oh my gosh there’s three enemies on the board I’ve got to do all of those and activate them all sometimes I can take a while and you might actually end up spending more time on that than on your turn so just be wary if that frustrates you this might not be a game for you this game has a bit of an old mechanic of you roll four hits and then roll for defense and I find that somewhat annoying sometimes so if that bugs you just just be wary if you are worried about large rule books be wary of this one this one is like a 50-page rule book it’s really well laid out I’m really impressed with the rule book but it’s got a huge barrier of entry when you open that up and you go my gosh I have to read all of this yes you do because there are a lot of corner cases and you’ll refer to it a lot but they have a great reference sheet but yeah if you’re worried about too many rules this might not be the dungeon crawler for you [Music] number nine is Ziya legends of a drift system specifically with the embers of a forsaken star expansion so this type of game is a space exploration game the length for a solo game 120 to 150 minutes it’s long unless you’re doing the campaign set up is about 8 to 10 minutes long you got to do a lot of shuffling get a lot of things set up Ziya with the embers of a forsaken star expansion designed by IRA Fey and Cody Miller published by far-off Games is a 1 to 5 player competitive game where players raced to be the first to receive 20 Fame points by completing missions finding exploration tokens and upgrading their ship the solo game pits you against three NPCs who race you to 20 fame points by using a variable AI system dependent upon how the NPCs behaviors are set you will have to find your own way of scoring fame points before they do are you up for the challenge why do I like this game first of all exploration ah true exploration game there’s no limits you can go and explore wherever you want whenever you want and it is encouraged you need to get everything out on the board so you can find different planets and you don’t have to you’re not stuck in a certain type of system of how you have to explore you keep exploring to the left as long as you want it I love that it’s a true exploration game no pigeonholing replayability oh gosh replayability is so high you’ve got variable planets set up variable objectives variable behavior for the AI and variable missions etc etc etc just tons of variability yes if you play this a bunch of times in a row it might feel a little bit samey because you’re gonna be exploring and doing the same types of things but how you win each time is gonna be quite different and I love that lastly the components you’ve painted minis metal credit credit tokens and very nice tiles that the art is very well done oh it’s beautiful to look at it brings you into the theme and drops you right to where you want to be when you’re playing a solo game or heck even a competitive game why is the game good solo first of all you only have to use one ship that’s right one ship and all you have to do is run that by yourself then there’s the three AI Julie use of the three NPCs which will use the variable behaviors when they first come out – to play against the AI or the NPC’s is another big plus for this game and it’s a big plus with the expansion so the expansion provides for behavior cards per NPC it’s technically two cards just a top and a bottom on each one so it’s four different behaviors that they can have and there’s three NPCs so if you think about that that’s a lot of replayability there and AI turns are quick but can be brutal based on how the board is set up that blasted merchant which is a point grabber or a Fame grabber akaash you’re gonna hate that merchant sometimes lastly campaign there is a campaign so after you’ve played some one-off scenarios you can work through a solo campaign and the solo campaign will have variable fame point endings so it’s actually a way to shorten the game to is when you play the campaign you might have some that only go up to five Fame points and by the way trying to beat the NPC’s to five fame points is hard because usually they’ll jump ahead and then you’re gonna race back so it’s really fun it provides you more replayability and the campaign is for solo play I do have a solo playthrough of this game if you’re interested go ahead and check it out now this game’s not for you if you don’t like dice rolling everything’s dice rolling you want to move dice rolling you want to resolve anything dice rolling you’re doing a mission dice rolling those dice rolling for everything you’re gonna hear this a lot for a lot of these games are in the bottom five of my top 15 it’s a long game so be ready for that if you’re playing just the one off scenario it can be a long game so Ziya has this cool system where the more you lead the AI the faster the AI gains points but that sometimes can mean you almost want to stay close to them and fame just so they don’t accidentally gain like 7 fame and beat you that way some people might not like that you know if you are doing really well you should feel like you’re not you don’t have to be worried about the NPC’s then because you’re doing so well so just be just be wary of that if it annoys you that you might end up losing even if you have a large lead lastly the game’s not for you if you’re not into the theme it’s all about space so if you’re not about space and you don’t like that type of theme the game’s not gonna be for you number eight an Akron II this is a work replacement type game the length is about 75 to 100 minutes for a solo game and setup takes you about 10 to 15 minutes in Akron II designed by Richard Amon Victor Peter and David Tutsi published by mine clash games is a 1 to 4 player competitive game where players compete for being the ultimate race that survives the impending doom of a meteor hitting the earth in the solo game you play against the chrono bot who scores points and uses his own logic board and a die roll to determine actions each round the solo AI uses an interesting mechanic where the board has moveable numbers on it each time the bot selects an action you move the specified numbers to the next location on the board this allows the bots to behave quite differently each time you play the game why do I like this game first of all seem if you enjoy time travel you’re gonna enjoy this game the simple idea of borrowing from your future self is quite awesome and yet provides you with potential negative consequences based on how often and how much you borrow love that and then whenever you pay it off you get victory points so cool the components this is a big draw to this game especially if you have the minis which are totally not needed but I think I must have in this game because when you place out those mechs and you’ve got a huge mess that you place out on the board and it’s it’s an awesome looking mini you’ll see them the playthrough totally totally cool and really makes you get into the theme of the game so why is integrity good solo well first of all the AI and that’s the biggest reason as an avid solo player you get used to playing against you know dummy players where the AI does one one of a couple actions and they do it over and over again well this AI uses this logic board which provides for much more variability and unknown with the chrono bots take your next action what’s gonna do but at the same time because you can have multiple numbers on the same spot on the logic board you might know well it’s more likely they’re gonna do this because two out of the six signs of the die and they’ll do this action and I love that because it’s just like when you play a real person you know you kind of know what they’re gonna do but you don’t know for sure and sometimes it’s more obvious than others I love it thinkI so actions in this game are super quick so it provides what it provides you with a very quick and streamlined play yet the decisions are juicy and difficult and so planning is quite involved and it makes a great solo because of it because you can sit there and plan and you don’t have to worry about other people sitting around waiting for your turn to end replayability so from a solo perspective there’s an easy medium and hard solo mode and there are four factions each with two different types of leaders you do the math that’s tons of different replayability and each time you play the bots gonna do different things and you can do different things so I really like this game and its replayability for solo specifically I do have a solo playthrough of this if you’re interested feel free to check it out now this game’s not for you if you’re not into euro games or worker placement because that’s essentially what it is if overproduction bothers you that might annoy you in this game because you don’t need the minis you don’t need the nice components in a your own game but you have them here if you’re an income poop you don’t like this game I’m just kidding that was just a joke if you want us just score points if you don’t want to just score points for the solo game that’s all you’re doing here is you are just scoring points but you are trying to beat the chrono box so you do have that going for you but it is just a point scoring system number seven is too many bones this is a dice RPG combat game the length is about 90 to 120 minutes solo but I can really depend on how many gear locks are playing with setup time is only about five to seven minutes too many bones designed by Adam and Josh Carlson is a one to four player cooperative game where players take on roles of do locks and level them up as much as they can before taking on the big baddie in a solo game you can play with just one gear lock or you can use multiple gear locks if you’d like if you play with one gear lock there are solo scenario specific encounters which I really do appreciate the game consists of battle rounds that are determined by random encounter cards if you can win enough random encounters and beat the boss before the last day you are victorious so why do I like this game first of all it’s incredibly tactical you’re gonna place your gear locks on the battle mat and you’re gonna be going off I move here or here what types of action should I use do I want to use my dexterity for movement or for attacking where should I place different ones of our gear locks because placement is everything and I really like that about this game you can spend 10 minutes just trying to decide where you want to place your gear locks and your first movement actions and depending on how the bodies are set up on the battle map it’s gonna totally change your strategy I also really like the fact that if you have to move around a lot you get less dice to roll so you want to try and minimize the amount of movement you’re doing to maximize your dice pool the components one thing I have to say here is get the premium health chips you will not be disappointed and you’ll enjoy the components just that much more but yeah the game looks great on the table the dice feel good in your hand and the battle mat just comes to life when it’s populated with baddies and gear locks the encounter cards so the encounter cards aren’t varied enough to keep you guessing so you’re not gonna know what’s gonna come out of the game when you play it when you draw that next encounter car who knows you might have a battle you might not I really like that mechanic and some of my favorite parts of the game are like the mini-games like dangerous darts it’s so fun this provides you with replay especially from a solo perspective so why is this game good solo well the AI in too many bones although it’s quite simple you’ll find that the enemies do really cool things or not cool to you the majority of the enemies just moved two spaces orthogonal e an attack an adjacent gear lock and that’s what you’re gonna see for any of your melee your melee baddies for range baddies they can hit anyone on the board so they usually just remain stationary you’ll roll dice depicted on the chip of the baddie to determine the damage that’s applied to your key lock but almost everybody also has keywords on it and so you’ll need to look up what those key words mean because a lot of times that will affect how they attack or what they do when they attend or maybe when they defend pretty cool those key words really provide you with differentiation between the different types of baddies character development all this is number one okay each time you get training points for any of your gear locks you can level up your characters this provides you with differentiation every time you play the game and you can change the way you build the your gear locks maybe this time I want to go heavy and defense or a heavy an attack or maybe I want to try and get all my skills instead of going for attack and defense and I want to see how my skills work if you have the expansion characters there is infinite amount of replayability just with the character development just to see how the different gear locks can be made and set up and then how they interact with each other – oh I just I love it I have a solo playthrough of this game if you’re interested so feel free to check it out this is not for you if you don’t like dice luck there’s not a ton of dice mitigation so sometimes this can really screw you over there is the bones mechanic which is really cool but sometimes you just don’t get enough bones before you’re killed so just be ready for that if you’re not into long games this isn’t for you I don’t care what they say on the box no matter what it’s gonna be a long game so I’ll be ready for that I personally feel like there’s a little bit of a balance issue when you play with one gear lock the game feels you know okay maybe a little bit on the easier side when you play with – it feels insanely hard then you play with three it just gets easier and four it gets easier so just be ready for if you’re gonna play it I’d probably play with one or three that’s probably the blaze I would play if playing solo the game does have a snowball effect where if you lose a couple encounters you might just want to stop and start over because you might just get overwhelmed with baddies going for it and you won’t even win any other scenarios or encounters [Music] number six robinson crusoe this is a worker placement survival type game length about 90 all the way up to 150 minutes depends on how much AI or AP you have set up time takes you about 10 to 12 minutes robinson crusoe designed by Ignasi chose estwick published by portal games is a cooperative worker placement survival game where players work together to try and survive on an island and complete specific objectives in a solo game you can choose any amount of characters to play up but if you choose less than three a Friday and potentially a dog could be one of your companions each turn you will be trying to determine which actions are most important for you to take in order to survive also there are different scenarios which provides you with additional win or loss requirements one of my favorite ways to play this game is solo and doing the campaign which pits you on a five-game campaign where you assist Darwin on his adventures so why do I like this game first of all the theme everything in this game is just dripping with theme from the way the weather works to how you find all your tools to inventions to exploration to gathering oh my gosh everything everything fits in the theme you go well why do I do this oh well obviously I would do this because it fits into the theme of the game the dice I love how the dice work it’s that push your luck mechanic do I want to only spend one worker in a location but then I have to roll dice to see if I succeed or do I want to spend more time doing it and guarantee a success but then I can’t go do other things in the same round I love it and then each die is different so one die is about if you succeed or not one die is about if you have an adventure or not and one nice if you get a wound or not and then depending upon which actions you’re doing if you’re doing exploration versus building you’ll have a different probability of those three things so you’re more likely to get wounded if you’re building and you’re more likely to have an adventure if you’re explore exploring oh so cool I love how ignosi did that replayability I mean with five to seven scenarios and the campaign you will not ever exhaust replayability of this game because everything changes each time and it feels like a new island every time you play so why is this game good solo well you can play this game with one character sure you’ll need Friday and maybe a dog to come along with you but you don’t have to worry about feeding them you just have to worry about feeding yourself and making sure to build a shelter for yourself so I do appreciate when you are allowed to just play one character it’s easier to manage and you can feel like you’re actually that character I’m actually the cook or the carpenter or the Explorer Dai now I say AI but there really is no AI in this game instead there’s an event deck and adventure cards and whenever you have an adventure there’s a lot of times that you’ll have to read whatever it says make it a decision and then shuffle it into the event deck and then it appears at a later date I love this mechanic so much because you can make a decision of I’m gonna get something good now but it might be bad later but you never know if it’s gonna come up or not so I love how that works you get to decide ah you know do I really need those mushrooms now do I eat them with knowing that I’m probably gonna get sick if I pull that card out again oh yeah great easy simple decisions but it makes for a really fun game I do have a playthrough of this one if you’re interested go ahead and check it out this game is not for you though if you want to win all the time the game can be unfair and you just need to pick up the pieces off the floor after you’ve knocked in there because you’re so ticked that you lost and start over but really you just gotta know that you’re not gonna win often it’s more about the experience if you’re not looking for a worker placement game yeah this probably isn’t for you because it is essentially a worker placement I’m gonna place my worker here and do something if you’re not interested in the theme but you really like space well then I would suggest checking out first Martians I like this one better than first Martians because I like this theme better but that’s all up to you number five gloom of kill fourth this is an epic adventure type game lasts about 60 to 90 minutes for a solo game and setup takes about five to seven minutes gloom of kill fourth designed by Tristan Hall published by Hall or Nothing Productions is a 1 to 4 player cooperative or competitive game where players can work against the clock to complete their own personal sagas and take on the ancient before the entire world falls to gloom for a solo game you can choose 1 to 4 characters to play but the game does not suffer at all for playing only one character you’ll move between locations meeting strangers finding perils etc etc and collecting trophies and money along the way as you continue to build your own powers to defeat the ancient one the evil does not just sit and wait the ancient one will place plot cards all over the board that will assist the ancient in the final battle should you choose not to take care of them the game has an open feel about it as you can use your actions for whatever you would like but the countdown waits for no one so why do I like this game first the art oh there’s nothing more than I can say about this other than it’s phenomenal you can be living under a rock and still enjoy how this game looks on your table or rock the mechanics there’s a bunch of really unique mechanics in this game that I enjoy so you have your enemies and you to feed them and they can turn into rumours and then when you use them for rumors you can use them to help you put down different assets based on key words and your personal saga you’re gonna try and get cards with specific keywords on them so that you can complete your saga I just I really like these small mechanics that I haven’t seen in a lot of other games it turns the game into just instead of just exploring randomly you’re you you find these specific cards that you need and you can build up your character through them and it creates a story specific to the saga and I really appreciate that replayability well the whole board itself is a set of 25 cards and they can get all moved around and changed so it’s modular you can play with a different race and a different class card every time and they all have different varying abilities and then that’s gonna set up how your going to level up your character also the sagas themselves I think there’s four or five different sagas oh so cool just tons of replayability now why is the game good so low well the biggest thing for me is you can play this game with one character and you don’t feel like you lose anything because of it so many times I’ll play an adventure game like couple the ones that are even farther up on this list but I feel like I need to play with at least two to get some of those cool abilities you don’t need that here you can play with just one and have just the same type of wonderful experience and I really appreciate that way to go Tristan this game for me is a true adventure game so there’s many games you know like legends of and or where they mentioned that their adventure games but in order for you to win you’re almost forced to do certain things this game nothing is forced you can decide how you want to make your story or how you complete your saga III really appreciate that in an adventure game I don’t want to be told that I have to do this in my adventure game I want to find my own path on how to succeed now this game’s not for you if you’re not into skill checks as that’s what you’re gonna be doing a lot for a lot of the resolution in this game if the Gothic theme is not your thing it is quite prevalent and it might be a turn-off so just just be wary of that and lastly it is a long game so be ready to invest some time and if you’re looking for a short quick one this one’s not gonna be for you this is a long adventure game but it’s a good long adventure game number four is rune bone specifically with the unbreakable bond expansion this is an adventure type board game it lasts about 120 to 150 minutes to play it solo instead of time takes about 10 to 15 minutes rune bound designed by Lucas litzinger published by Fantasy Flight Games is a 1 to 4 player competitive game set in the world of tear enough players can work against each other or together with the unbreakable bonds expansion to either defeat the boss or find the cure to the disease that is plaguing the land Solo is identical in play to the multiplayer however you can choose to play with 1 or 2 or even 3 characters if you want in the game you will move around a map completing exploration quests combat quests and social quests to earn you trophies and money with your money and trophies you’ll obtain new skills and find useful items each scenario provides players with a challenge that they must overcome if the players can complete the necessary objectives before the end of act 2 the players win or if you’re playing the competitive version whoever defeats the boss is the winner so why do I like this game first thing I should say is the expansion the expansion without this would this game wasn’t even on my radar the extension provides the solo player and the co-operative player the right tools to enjoy the game the battle sheets for the AI to new scenarios specifically designed for co-op or solo and the ability to play all other scenarios solo or co-op this expansion allowed this game to climb to the top of my solo list because without this I wouldn’t even put this probably in my top 50 solo games character development the way your characters level up in this game is great you find skills and use trophies you have one through encounters to obtain new abilities you can also purchase items from the different cities which can provide you with additional combat tokens so as you play it you’re gonna be able to build your own character and then what happens with the AI or the enemies is after act 1 they get an additional combat token as well so then you’re starting to fight harder enemies so it just works really well and provides you with that really nice feel of an R pg I’m building my character to make him its own why do I like this game solo well first of all you can play with one character although you’ll lose out on the party skills which is a shame I really wish there was some way to get the party skills in there but you can’t but when playing with one character the game will go a lot faster it’s just one turn you go to the next round one turn you go to the next round so that is really nice the combat and AI some of the most unique combats I’ve ever had in a game and some of the most fun you are casting these runes I would be flicking them into a dice tray it’s so much fun and I love how the combat system with these chips are only two sided so instead of rolling dice where it’s you know one two three four five six this is just an A or a B side right so you’ve got a 50-50 chance of flipping one side or the other so it totally changes up the combat mechanic and I really appreciate that and then how you go with within that combat going back and forth between rounds and then using the battle sheets now for the AI to make them a little bit more unique and even a little bit harder depending on the type of AI you’re fighting oh my gosh my favorite part of the game combat I love how that works and that’s something that’s kind of interesting because normally combat isn’t something that I’m really really interested in it’s something that’s part of a lot of the games and I’m okay with it but I enjoy the exploration more I actually enjoy the combat more in this game the final reason I like this solo and you’re gonna hear this in a lot of these games down at the bottom part of this this list is the true adventure game there’s no requirements it’s up to you and how to find out how to complete your objective you can go out and do a bunch of combats and you know what that’s not what you should have been doing you should have been clearing out the plagues and but you know you don’t have to do that you can do whatever way you want there’s no forcing you into doing something in order to win the game and I love that I find rune bound to be one of the closest games for me that’s like an open-world but still has objectives enough for me to enjoy the game because the thing about seven the continent that I just did a playthrough of I really enjoyed the game but I didn’t like that I didn’t even know really what my objective was and trying to take care of a curse which I didn’t even know how to do I like how I know what my requirements are or my objectives are and then I can find my own way of doing it I do have a playthrough of this one feel free to check it out I did play with two characters so that is one thing about this I think it’s better solo with two at least two characters versus just one but you can play with just one so this game’s not for you if you’re trying to have some deterministic or resolution almost everything is going to be determined by dice between a movement on the board and combat if you’re looking for a game that’s heavy and themed don’t don’t look at this one the theme is very basic it’s just your generic fantasy you don’t really feel the theme in this game instead you just feel the adventure part of the game this game is long okay length is gonna be a deterrent especially if you play with two characters going for 2x wow that’s a long time so just be ready for that [Music] number three Nemo’s war the second addition i’ve never played the first edition so i can’t say anything about it but the second addition i have and i love it this is an adventure slash almost war game on the length is about 120 150 minutes and setup takes about 8 to 10 minutes Nemo’s wore designed by Chris Taylor and published by victory point games is a 1 to 4 player game where players are part of a crew of the infamous ship the Nautilus as this game was designed as a solo the solo play is quite strong in the game you’ll be moving through the seas sinking ships inciting rebellions and finding treasure the game comes with four different motives that determine the amount of victory points you’ll receive for your specific actions as long as your ship is not destroyed and your notoriety does not go too high you can score points at the end of the game and then check to see how you fared based on the scale provided so why do I like this game first of all the game has tons of dice rolling but there’s tons of ways to modify your dice this is key because every action is resolved by that rolling dice so being able to modify by using your crew and using your resources and wagering really helps to mitigate all of the dice rolling and also provides you with this push your luck oh do I want to use my crew here for a +3 but if I fail I’m gonna lose it I love that the motives the motives of this game provides you with so much replayability I can’t even explain to you just how different my games have been vs war versus doing the exploration motive versus doing the science and the anti-imperialism each one feels totally different even though it’s the same game so cool the adventure cards so although they do not provide you with a specific story the adventure cards to allow you to to swallow up the theme and get invested in the game personally also what I really like is that not all the adventure cards just hurt you so when you think of an event deck in a game usually it’s all this bad thing happens and then this bad thing happens then this bad thing happens but in Nemo’s war a lot of the adventure cards are actually helpful but they’ll be like all you have to go here and do an action so they provide you with more of jack and then what you have to do in the game is decide I want to take out more ships do I want to do those objectives do I want to do more searching I just I love it all the choices that you have and you can find your own way it’s great why is the game good so low well I’ll tell you this it’s an open adventure game just like room bound just like gloom of kill forth nothing is required of you instead you get the opportunity to find your own path to victory points the motives gonna help it guide you but then you can use that as you guide and find ways to make it work for you you only have to play with one ship even when playing co-op you only play with one ship that’s part of the reason though why I think this game is way better solo than multiplayer because multiplayer it’s a little bit harder nobody is their own person on the board and so you have to come to decisions a lot more often whenever I’ve played this multiplayer I’ve actually just kind of played it solo with us designing things together and I actually appreciate that more than trying to split out the different types you know they’ve got okay once you’re the officer you’re the first the first mates or whatever I don’t actually like playing it that way if I play multiplayer I just play solo with multiple players I do have a playthrough of this one if you’re interested feel free to check it out so this one’s not for you if you’re not a fan of dice rolling dice rolling all the time for everything okay just be ready for that if you want a coherent story you’re not gonna see that in this game so that’s maybe another deterrent or maybe the other reason why you won’t like this game [Music] number two for me is mage night the board game this is an adventure board game length about 120 to even 200 minutes of solo setup time is at least 12 to 15 minutes mage night designed by Vlado steel published by whiz kids is a 1 to 4 player adventure board game when players can either work together or competitively to complete specific objectives and attain the most points at the end of the game in solo for the base game you have the solo conquest where you’re trying to take down 2 cities within 3 days and 3 nights you do this by exploring finding and recruiting units you will use a deck of action cards called your deed deck to complete all of your actions one of the best expansions for solo play is the Lost Legion which provides you with more solo scenarios including one when you’re fighting against another mage night invoker so why do I like this game hand management one of the best hand management games out there that I’ve played what you don’t want to do is run through your deck too quickly because if you do then then you don’t have enough time to explore before your round ends but you also have the dummy player pushing you so you can’t go incredibly slow and meticulous so you have this balance that you have to find between do I do I try and play a bunch of my cards of this turn or do I only play one or two hoping that I can get a couple but new and better cards in my hand to be able to do more on my next turn but that dummy player he could push you you’d never know I just I love how the hand management works you will constantly be making decisions on how many cards to play when to play them and how to even use them multi-use cards so every card in your hand with the exception of the wounds can be played in three basic ways one you can use the base of power of your car two you can use the powered up power of your card if you feel it with mana and then three you can use the card sideways as one of any type of resource influence attack block or move this means each turn you’re given a puzzle but it’s a small puzzle it’s a small puzzle but it is a puzzle nonetheless and I call it a deep puzzle because there are so many ways you can do the same thing do I want to use this card and give up this awesome influence card right now just to move but then I can’t get that influence every time you’re looking at your hand it’s a puzzle the game provides you with an RPG feel yes it’s a lighter RPG but I still feel it in this game as you level up you’re gonna gain spells depending upon how you if you take out mage towers advanced action cards and skills all that allow you to create your own character and each time you play you’re gonna see different and advanced cards of different spells and different skills I really like that this game is deterministic this goes right along with the multi used cards but all combats in this game are deterministic that means you’re able to determine and plan in advance if you can or cannot take out an enemy it also provides you with a URL feel and an adventure type game that is my wheelhouse that is just perfect for me I like being able to know what’s gonna happen with the euro feel of the deterministic cards but then the adventure where I’m exploring out to find new things so why is it a good solo well that when I just said that that exploration dovetails right into why I like this solo each time you play you’re gonna be exploring and you’re gonna be finding new tiles they’re gonna be setup different ways and depending upon what comes out you’re gonna have to make different decisions I might not see any mage any mage tower so that means I’m not gonna go for spells I’m gonna have to go for maybe sacking some monasteries or maybe going and doing some more dungeon delving I want to go to a maze I just ah it’s so cool every time you play you’re gonna explore differently this game provides you with a sense of accomplishment there’s something so amazing when you defeat your first city I’ll never forget the first time I played solo and I took out that first city the accomplishment that you feel and then you have to remember you take I have to take out a whole nother one it’s it’s something that not all games provides you when you’re playing it but this one does to the nth degree lastly for solo it’s just an engaging experience for me it is one of the most engaging games there’s only one more game than I feel more engaging that’s my number one and when I say engaging is when I put this game on the table and I start playing doesn’t matter what’s happening in the real world doesn’t matter what time it is I am lost in the game and it’s not even about the theme because the theme is actually one of the things I’m gonna say is a negative of this game the theme is not strong what it is it’s it’s the gameplay the gameplay is so rich and so involved you spend so much time deciding what you’re going to do that from a solo perspective it’s perfect it’s just what I want maybe not what you want but it’s definitely what I want in the game so I’ll say this game is not for you if you’re not looking for a brain burner you’re gonna spend a lot of time sitting there doing nothing thinking about what you want to play I like that I like puzzling out what the best idea is but that’s not for everybody if you’re looking for a game with strong theme that’s solo going to eldritch or not this one this one there’s not a ton of theme in it it’s kind of a basic you know generic fantasy game yep I’m a mage cool I’ve got action cards cool what you’re playing this game for is for the gameplay not the theme if you want your fights to be epic and epic in the sense that you don’t know how they’re gonna resolve this isn’t for you because all the fights are gonna be deterministic I mean there is some some of the enemies will conjure up another enemy just for attack so you don’t know that but in almost all the other times you’re gonna have all the information available to you and so it’s easy for you to tell well easy when you take you know to city it’s not easy but it’s gonna be more easy for you to tell if you’re gonna win or lose versus a game like fireteam zero when you’re gonna be rolling dice and you just don’t have any idea you’re gonna take out that guy are you not you don’t know and there’s tension and fun in rolling the dice you’re not gonna get that page Knight [Music] my number-one solo game is spirit island this is an anti colonialism almost area control game lasts about 60 the 90 minutes solo and the set-up time takes money – ten minutes spirit island designed by Eric ruse and published by greater-than games is a 1 to 4 player cooperative anti-colonialism game where players choose a specific spirit for to play for the island the goal of the game is to push the invaders off the island either by scaring them away or causing so much fear they choose to leave the island on their own accord a solo game is no different than a co-op game but you can play with 1 to 4 spirits so why do I like this game first of all for me it’s the theme for me having a unique theme is really fun I mean there are tons of adventure games out here but how many anti-colonialism games are out there that’s so low yeah not many that’s what you get here and I almost feel like it is a little bit of an area control game but you’re trying to control the areas of where the invaders are going and I don’t know many co-op or solo games that really gets you that area control field so it’s just really unique and I really really like that unique feel the spirit asymmetry each spirit and I cannot emphasize this enough each spirit plays so substantially different that it feels like you’re almost playing a different game with each spirit that you play with and you can when you’re playing solo play with just one spirit try one each one individually and then you can try to spirits and then you can see how they interact and how they interact with each other and what you’re gonna choose for power cards is gonna be different because of that it’s just the amount of differences that you have within those spirits provides you with so much replayability and so much enjoyment I can play this game I mean I’ve already played this game like 15 times and I haven’t even put in the expansion yet because I don’t even need it I’ve got so much material just with the spirit and the spirits and how different they are lastly the predictable randomness so what mage 9 is missing a little bit that spirit island has is this predictable randomness where you have things that you know that’s gonna happen so the invaders you know they’re gonna build and ravage in certain lands depending on how it out but you don’t know where they’re going to explore and I love that you don’t know where they’re gonna go but once you know that you’ve got two turns to interact or to affect where what the AI is going to do so I really like how I can know enough to be able to feel like I can make strategical decisions but then there is some randomness that gets pulled in to provide you with that replayability or that unknown and now that I have played with the breech and claw or branch and claw expansion bringing in the event deck even creates more of this because there’s more randomness but then there’s also more cool interactions and more theme in the game so I just oh I love it I’m really excited to show you guys how that event deck can really affect the game plan so why is this game good for solo specifically well one you can play with just one spirit when that’s gonna provide you a quicker game and you know well you can ramp up difficulty easily by adding an adversary a scenario and using just a more challenging spirit so there’s so many ways to increase the difficulty or to have a different experience and still just play with one spirit and that dovetails right into my next point length so one of the reasons this beats out mage Knight is because I can get this game to the table within five to six minutes and then after that I can play it within 40 minutes I can’t do that with mage Knight and the thing about it is I still get a lot of the same challenges and a lot of the same feels that major Knight does with a tighter span so I still have the hand management of okay witch power cards do I want to buy and I still have the which ones do I want to play how do I want to play my cards do I want to use the elements how can I maximize my elements and my power of my power cards abilities to maximize what I can do on the board where do I place my presence out on the board do I want to create more sacred sites or do I want to spread across the island how do I want the the two different camps peer ‘its to interact with each other so many different things to think about I get all that same puzzle II type feel that I got with mage knight in a shorter time span lastly engagement and this is just like major Knight this game is so incredibly engaging when I play solo there’s a lot of times where I might have actually won the game on a hack on know about it I’m so involved with my spirit and my strategy I just keep going then I look up and I go oh well there’s no cities on the board I actually already won and I just that’s so cool and there’s also there’s just no downtime for when playing this solo because the AI is so incredibly simple okay explore just put all explores okay build a place out new towns or cities okay ravage where do we place our blight done whenever I pull this game out just like mage night time stops for me and my full attention is on my board and my spirit that is the epitome of a great solo game for me now this game is not gonna be for you if you’re not looking for a puzzle e-type game there’s no dice rolling so it is more of a puzzle than an adventure so to speak also this game’s not for you if you’re a nincompoop so if you think that you’re a nincompoop then don’t try and get this game because it’s not for you oh well that was fun huh if you read the whole thing I am really impressed No so you might have seen that there’s a couple games that weren’t in there like gloom Haven for example and and for another one some games that I really really like but here’s the thing those games I see much more as cooperative games since I do play a lot of games with other people I actually prefer to play gloom Haven with my group of friends I’m not gonna play that on my own so that’s kind of how this list came about and also if you’re thinking about making your own list first of all I’d love to see it put it in the comments below and you know if you put any games I haven’t heard of it I can go look them up and spend more money no but uh the second thing is if you’ve not heard of this there’s this People’s Choice for the top 100 solo games one of my good friends Kevin he’s the one who runs the whole thing he’s awesome he’s on be GG check it out Search People’s Choice 100 top 100 solo games you’ll find it make sure to put in what you think put in your your suggestions or what you think is your top top 10 or 20 and then that will be included within the and it’s awesome I found so many in my games through that list so make sure to check that out last thing this is my one year anniversary of the channel today woohoo so I just want to thank you all so much for being a part of the channel I am gonna have a quick website that’s just like a channel update about stats so you guys can know a little bit about the channel that way and then after my trip to Utah when I get back we’re gonna do our giveaway for the 2000 commentrs because I still haven’t gotten there and you might have noticed yeah I finally got this office and I’m trying to do hand therapy and move my pinky which is easier said than done so anyways thank you guys so much [Music].

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