Best Birthday Gifts For 10 Year Old Boy Birthday Gifts For 10 Year ... Best Gifts For 10 Year Old Boy
Best Birthday Gifts For 10 Year Old Boy Birthday Gifts For 10 Year ... Best Gifts For 10 Year Old Boy

Perfect Best Gifts For 10 Year Old Boy


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At just 10 years old, our next guest is raising money for people who can’t afford hearing aids. And if you think that’s sweet, here’s what happened when we told him he was coming on the show. We want to invite you to the Ellen Show.

[EXCITED SCREAMING] Will you get up off the floor? Get up off the floor. [CRYING] I’m just so happy. Oh, my gosh. From Fort Worth, Texas, please welcome Braden Baker. [MUSIC PLAYING] That was just the best reaction ever. You fell off your chair. Yeah. It was fantastic. OK, so, you’re 10 years old and you were born almost completely deaf. Not all the way. How much hearing do you have? Well, before I say that, it’s just so crazy to be here and meeting you. This is my biggest inspiration This is the best moment in my life. That’s really sweet. Thank you so much. So, yeah, I was born with a bilateral hearing loss. It’s about 75% deaf, and so I’ve been wearing hearing aids since I was about seven– a baby. A baby, like, seven months old? Yes. OK. And the way you came up with this idea, what happened to your hearing aids that made you think of this idea? Well, my dog actually ate my hearing aids twice, and my mom actually got really mad at me. Yeah, they’re expensive, I guess. Yeah, they’re really expensive. Your mom was just dancing. First of all, your mom’s a great dancer. [INAUDIBLE] [APPLAUSE] Is that the dog that ate your hearing aids? Yeah, that’s Chewy. OK. You name the dog Chewy. You asked for it. And what did you, what did your parents say to you? Well, they kind of give me a lesson about how we were lucky that we can afford another pair and how like some people can’t afford some. And that just made me feel bad for the people who couldn’t hear. OK. Which is what most people would feel, but then what did you decide to do? Well, I read your show and I always show you giving back, and it just inspired me to start a GoFundMe campaign. So I started a fundraiser. To try to raise, your goal was $1,000? Yeah. OK. My goal was $1,000. And how much have you raised? A little over $23,000. [APPLAUSE] That’s amazing! Thank you. That’s amazing.

So you’re 10. When are you going to be 11? I turn 11 November 14. That’s soon. Yeah. Pretty soon. And what do you want? You want a trip for your birthday, right? Yeah. Where do you want to go? We’re going to Guatemala. Oh wow. What makes you want to go to Guatemala? With the money we raised, we got about 100 hearing aids, and we’re going to go hand out hearing aids to kids and adults who can’t afford them [APPLAUSE] That’s your birthday present? That’s an amazing thing that a 10-year-old for your birthday wants to go to Guatemala and hand out hearing aids for people who need them. That’s amazing. I got you an early birthday gift. This is an iPad Pro, which I think you’re going to like whole lot. Oh, my god! All right. All right. Braden has raised over $23,000 for people who can’t afford hearing aids, and if you want to help, please, I want you to go to his GoFundMe page and we can direct you there. Go to our web site, because I want to continue to help with whatever he’s doing. And you know I’m partnered with Cheerios, because we’re looking for people that are doing good, and you are doing good. You’re doing a lot of good. So, this is– Look at the size. This is a huge box of Cheerios, because Cheerios is trying to do this whole campaign of doing good, they say they want to give you extra Cheerios, and so if you want to reach down in there and see if there’s anything in there. Sometimes you know there’s like treats and stuff. You should reach down and see if there’s anything in there. Did you get anything? Not yet? I’m looking for it. It’s a big box, I know. Keep going. Don’t try this at home. Anything? Nothing yet? No, I can’t find Nothing? All right. I can pour some out. I have a bowl. This is like– OK. No, still nothing. Let’s see if there’s anything in there now. That’s $20,000. Oh my god. Thank you so much. Oh, my god. $20,000! Oh, my god! Thank you so much. You’re welcome so much, Braden. You can participate in one million acts of good. Go to our website. Tell us your story, what you’re doing, and, again, we want to follow your story. So I want to have you back on the show. I want your mother to continue to dance on the show. And we’re going to, really, whatever you can do, help him out. Because I love to encourage kids like this that are doing just selfless acts like this, at this age. That’s pretty amazing. .

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