Shop Artificial Luxury Strelitzia Orange Bird Of Paradise Tree 150Cm Bird Of Paradise Plant
Shop Artificial Luxury Strelitzia Orange Bird Of Paradise Tree 150Cm Bird Of Paradise Plant

Great Bird Of Paradise Plant


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– Hi, bird of paradise is a tropical plant and requires a lot of natural light. When placed in a bright light, this plant will grow faster. Where in a lower light environment, this plant will grow slower. Height and shape of each plant will vary. Some will come fuller shape with more leaves some will be a little more slender. Each plant will have some degree if splits on their leaves and it’s absolutely normal. Some splits on the leaves are longer and greater, some of them are smaller and thinner. And some of them are just on the tip of the leaves. Bird of paradise is a moderate to fast growing plant depending on how much light they receive. Here you’ll see the size of the plant, that will come to you if you decide to buy it and that’s how much it can grow in about a year and a half. So keep in mind to have enough height for your plant. Every plant will go through some degree of acclimation period. And you will see that some lower leaves might turn yellow or brown. All you have to do, just cut off the affected leaf. All the way at the bottom of the leaf stem. Since bird of paradise is a tropical plant, it loves humidity. We recommend misting it daily or even twice a day. Simply with just water, misting it around it and the leaves. Also please make sure to keep leaves clean and wipe them at least once every two weeks with a moist towel to get all the dust off. Avoid placing your plants near air conditioning or heat source. And please rotate your plant once in a while to make sure all sides of the plant receive equal amount of light. We provide key instructions for each plant but please keep in mind that these key instructions are only guidelines and each plant will behave differently depending on the air flow, light, humidity, and temperature in your space. Over all, bird of paradise is a very easy going plant. Thank you for reading and have a green day. .

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