Christmas Party Games Collected Christmas Party Games
Christmas Party Games Collected Christmas Party Games

Perfect Christmas Party Games


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Hi, I’m Jessica Cain with expertvillage. com. I’m going to show you how to create fun Christmas party games with the things that you have already to use, wrap your presents and get ready for Christmas. So once you are at your Christmas party, the rules of the white elephant games are to have a number. Say you have 20 guest, you would want to number 1-20 on a piece of paper. Cut them up individually and let everyone draw a number out of a fun. A little hat that is always a good thing they can draw right out of the hat. You want to keep it as Christmas as you can. So once everyone has a number, then the person who draws number one would go up the Christmas pile with all the gifts. Everyone would put all of their gifts in one spot and number would go up and chose a gift he and she would then open it immediately. So then everyone in the circle sees what number one has. At the point, number two has the option to take number gifts or go back to the pile and open a new one. .

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