Krinner Vario Christmas Tree Stand Amazon Co Uk Kitchen Home Christmas Tree Stand
Krinner Vario Christmas Tree Stand Amazon Co Uk Kitchen Home Christmas Tree Stand

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Hi, welcome to the Handyverse. Well, it’s Christmas time and this is our first Christmas in the house and we have this lovely tree here but we don’t have a tree stand. Umm, a tree stand costs about $40. So, instead, today we are going to make our own DIY tree stand for under $10. Stick with us! We are going to build this stand in two parts. The first part, the base, is going to be made from one 2×4. We are going to make the cuts 23 ½ inches. And that will give us a total length of 25 inches on each side of the square when you take into consideration the width of the 2x4s. Now that we have that complete, we are going to build the next part. It’s going to be a star-shaped part, made out of 4 pieces. This time I am going to use screws because the joiner points here are going to be taking some weight so I would like to have a stronger connection. Now, the width of our square is 25 inches so we need to do some math to figure out how long each of these pieces is going to be. Our tree has a diameter of 2 ¾ inches so I want to leave a clearance of about 4 inches in the middle to allow room for the tree. In order to make this have a total width of 25 inches to match our base and a 4 inch hole in the middle, you want to take 25 inches subtract 4 inches for the hole in the middle for 21 inches. We are going to divide that in two to get 10 ½ inches from here to here. That gives us a total width of each of these pieces here of 14 ½ inches. So we are going to cut 4 pieces to that length now. Well, we’ve finally finished our tree stand. We are really happy with it. It’s very functional. At this point, not that pretty but it works. We will be able to use it year after year and we can do a couple of things to spruce it up. We can do a rustic new look with a boxing in or we can do a nice tree skirt. So we saved a lot of money with this and we are really happy and we hope we inspire you to do the same. Merry Christmas everyone. .

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