Spring Cleaning Tips 12 Places We Bet You Never Clean Bob Vila Cleaning Dryer Vent
Spring Cleaning Tips 12 Places We Bet You Never Clean Bob Vila Cleaning Dryer Vent

Ideas Of Cleaning Dryer Vent


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– Hey, everyone, welcome to GardenFork. Is your clothes dryer not, kind of, up to par, is it not drying like it used to? Your clothes take a really long time to dry? I got a couple simple solutions before you have to do the expensive ones. And I’m gonna show you that today.

Ready? Here we go. – Couple tools, I’m gonna link below in the text below the site. Look below the ads there’s some text. I’ll show you what to get, okay? But in here I have, it looks like a chimney sweep brush, and then I have, she’s a little spooked by that, another kind of brush, these are lint brushes. We’re gonna clean out the dryer vent pipe, ’cause that’s probably clogged or diminished. So the wet air, the moisture is trying to be blown out of this thing, isn’t getting blown out. So we’re gonna fix that. This is pretty cheap, and you can do it, ’cause I can do it. Right? First thing you wanna do, actually, I’ve seen thing is clogged, and people don’t clean their lint filter, and that’s why it’s not working. So make sure your lint filter is actually clean. And then you wanna use this brush to go down into here, and you’re loosening, you’re getting loose, all the lint that’s stuck there. – [Female Voice] Aren’t you just shoving it down into the dryer? – [Eric] Well, when the blower turns on, it will all blow out, ’cause we’re gonna clean the back of this. Alright, this is your dryer vent exhaust pipe, it’s gonna go outside. This is the back of the dryer, the bottom of the dryer. There’s a couple clamps here. There’s one here, but I’m thinking, the angle here, the right angle, is probably not clamped. Oh, it’s got a clamp, but it’s not very tight, so this comes right off. You might have to loosen this screw here, but you see how that easily comes off. – [Female Voice] Take quarters, huh Eric. – [Eric] I’m stuck behind here. (female laughing) This one is flexible, so it works with us. It might be that your rigid pipe comes up and goes across. What we’re gonna do is, we’re gonna clean out this giant slinky. – [Female Voice] Aren’t you just gonna shove all the lint further up the pipe. – Right, but we’re gonna blow it all out. We’re loosening everything, then we’re gonna turn the dryer on, which is kinda gonna go like this. (blowing sound) (female laughing) It’s gonna blow all this outta here. I’ve done this before, believe me. Trust me. Alright, screwdriver. This is the rigid pipe, and the flex pipe goes right to it, and there’s a clamp here, I’m just gonna loosen the clamp. And that comes right off, and you can already see. That’s diminishing the amount of air that’s coming, the moist air from your dryer, needs to be able to flow out and go outside, and this is clogged, and that reduces the efficiency of your dryer, so we’re gonna clean this out, outside. – [Female Voice] That’s why it takes an hour for my towels to dry? – Yeah. – [Female Voice] Oh. – So you’re tool might be a flexible wire, it might be sections of wire that you screw together and are flexible. But this one, we just uncoil it and make it straight, and then we’ve got a nice, ten foot long kinda chimney sweep brush to work with. And remember, we’re outside, ‘kay? A little easier.

If you only have rigid pipe, you’re gonna have to run this thing through the pipes, but that’s okay, GardenFork. Just remember that done is better than perfect, okay? That’s clogged. Let me just feed this in. – [Female Voice] Oh. My. (brush scraping) – [Eric] And we’re just gonna do that again. So we’re just gonna run this through this thing three times, maybe, to clean it all out. (brush scraping) So we’re fighting the, it’s about to rain here, so I’m gonna do this real quick, okay? (brush scraping) So for this, I’m just gonna run this in and clean that out. Alright, startin’ to rain. Let’s go do the rest of this inside. Look at all this that came outta there. Alright, pouring down rain outside. We’re now gonna take our tool, the rigid part of the pipe is here, it goes up and then out into the backyard. So it’s gonna be a bunch of junk that comes outta here, you maybe wanna put a trash can under there or something. Alright, wow. See, that is clogged. – [Female Voice] Ew. – [Eric] I got a bucket. (scrubbing noise) Alright, so I’m gonna try now, with this tool, to go around the elbow up there. Uh, not much progress. (disassembling noises) Nice. Alright, now I’m gonna take our tool, and go up here and hopefully I can get that to turn, and then pull it back, like that. Alright, when you put this back together, use flexible foil tape, not duct tape, okay? – [Female Voice] Why? – [Eric] Because it lasts a lot longer. Duct tape dries out because it’s a dryer vent, right? – [Female Voice] Oh, we’re so clever. – [Eric] Utility knife. – [Female Voice] Away from your fingers. – [Eric] So the vent for the dryer comes right out of the back of the dryer, and I’m gonna take our long tool here, and run it in there, and turn it like this, you want to rotate it. (brush scraping) We’re trying to dislodge any lint that’s stuck in there. (beep) (dryer running) Finally, take off your outside vent. They come off in different ways. This one nicely pops right off. And then push out or blow out all the material here as well. You can also snake in from here with your brush cleaner. Last step is this, and then clean out the little flaps in here as well. Alright. (beep) (beep) So we’ve tested this, and the clothes are drying much faster now. So clean out your lint filter here, use your lint brush, then the lint pusher thing, in the tube, blow it all the way out the back. So let me know your thoughts in the comments below. There’s some sites here if you want to read more GardenFork, and my crew just left. .

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