Creeping Charlie In The Lawn Melinda Myers Creeping Charlie Weed
Creeping Charlie In The Lawn Melinda Myers Creeping Charlie Weed

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This weed is growing in my lawn, what is it? And this is from Miss Linda. There’s a couple of things in that picture, Miss Linda. First of all, there’s ground ivy and the second thing, you know, there’s actually some ground violet in there as well, but it’s more of the ground ivy. And the thing about ground ivy is this, it’s a perennial, okay? Uh, it has a square stem. Square stem means it’s in the mint family. So if you actually crush – Oh, okay. – It up or you’re running your lawnmower across it, you can smell it, all right. It actually grows by stolons, but it likes damp, shady conditions. – Kind of like we get in the wintertime. – Kind of like we get in the wintertime, right. I mean and it can actually tolerate full sun after it’s grown, you know, the damp conditions, then it’ll kind of reach out a little bit. So you know this is in your lawn, before we even start about using, you know, herbicides and things like that, I usually tell folks culturally you know what you should do? Grow a thick stand of grass. ‘Cause it will actually crowd it out. – Well residually. – Get your fertility right. PH and things like that. Grow a thick stand of grass, don’t have to worry about that. Or you might have to limb up a couple of trees or whatever to let more sun down in that spot. Then maybe you won’t have the ground ivy. – Yeah and Zoysia grass. – Thick like carpet, yeah. – Mm-hmm. Yeah, as a matter of fact, I tell people the Bermuda is very polite grass, come on in. Mellow, Zoysia is the neighborhood grass bully. – It’s good, thick. – Don’t try it. – At the end of the day, weeds are looking for space, so they can find space in your Bermuda, but it’s things like Zoysia, it’s just hard for it to get in there. So there you have it Miss Linda. That is ground ivy with a little bit of wild violets in there. We all know wild violets are pretty tough to control as well. .

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