Elephant Ears Colocasia Alocasia And Xanthosoma Master Elephant Ears Plant
Elephant Ears Colocasia Alocasia And Xanthosoma Master Elephant Ears Plant

Great Elephant Ears Plant


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My name is Hans Langeveld from Longfield Gardens and I’m going to show you here how to plant elephant ears. Originally there were only Colocasia elephant ears or the “regular” elephant ears that have leaves that face downwards and they resemble the shape of an elephant ear, that’s where they get the name from. Now, the difference is that the regular elephant ears go dormant during the winter, they’re the Colocasias, and then the Upright Elephant Ears, the Alocasias, they can stay green if you take the plant inside and plant them in a container they will stay green throughout the winter and you can treat it as a house plant. On top of that the Upright Elephant Ear has nice and shiny leaves that face straight upward, and that’s why they’re called Upright Elephant Ears. So,the first step in planting elephant ears is to dig a hole deep enough so the entire bulb can be planted in it and it is about 1 inch underneath the soil line. You have to plant it quite deep, and loosen it up a little bit also so the roots can nicely get down to the water. Elephant ears do need a lot of water, they actually can also be planted in wetlands and places like that. Here we have a sprinkler system so they’ll be fine over the summer. We’re going to put some Osmocote in the soil right underneath the bulb so it has a good supply of fertilizer when it’s growing because elephant ears do need a little bit of fertilizer, they use up a lot of energy. And then when we plant it, we plant it with the old stem facing upwards, and this will be about an inch under the soil line, the next step is to cover it up. Now, this is how you plant elephant ear bulbs. My name is Hans Langeveld from Longfield Gardens. .

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