Wedding Clipart Clipart Panda Free Clipart Images Free Wedding Clipart
Wedding Clipart Clipart Panda Free Clipart Images Free Wedding Clipart

Beautiful Free Wedding Clipart


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Hi, welcome . This time we’ll have a look at a simple way to create your own wedding invitations and more. These ones are created using an online photo editor PicMonkey.

I find it easy to use, you can make a gorgeous invitation even with the free trial. Weddings are always expensive so making your own invitations and stationery is a great way to cut the costs. At the end, you’ll be able to see a couple of more designs but let’s start with a classic one. I uploaded a 4×6 inches canvas to start with. Doing it now (uploading the correct size) is going to make printing preparations easier. Now, the tool I always use here is for overlays. You can upload your own which is ideal for invites and other templates as you might have already found some clipart you’d like to use. Most of PicMonkey’s clip art is reserved for premium users so unless you’re willing to pay, you can download free public domain clipart and upload it here. It has a very useful option for erasing any part of the overlay. If you erase too much, you can easily switch to the brush icon and paint back those parts. Just for the purpose of the tutorial, I wanted to show you how to upload and use your own overlays but for those who didn’t have any luck finding and downloading the clip art, I’ll be using overlays the editor already offers. Since it’s a classic black and white design, I scrolled down to find the corner overlays. I wanted to add a bit of sparkle, so I uploaded my own pearl vector and resized it to fit the corner embellishment. You can use control ”c” and ”v” to copy and paste or right click on the object and select duplicate from the dropdown menu. Above the overlay tool, you have the text tool. Another tip is not to go crazy using too many fonts. Two are great, three can be all right but make sure the font you are using is readable. I see a lot of times that people use fonts that are usually readable or not readable at all but certain letter combinations just don’t work. For example, some fonts have the letter a similar to c or i similar to l which can lead to confusion. I wasn’t too concerned here about choosing the right one since it’s just an example, but I do prefer to use a combination of script and sans serif, as well as uppercase and lowercase letters. The serif font used earlier together with the calligraphy like font for the names was a bit too much (so it was changed to Quicksand). You can never go wrong with a simple and neat look. The date matched the names, I also set the weight to bold. It’s the focal point and it’s just below the middle, separating the introduction and wedding venue details. Of course, add any details you want, this is a generic text I found online. A great option you should be using is the grid. It wasn’t available untill a couple of a days ago (before I filmed this) so the timing was great. It helped me a lot here to align everything properly. To accentuate the date and add a bit more decoration, I used another corner overlay and erased everything but the swirl I wanted on the top. I duplicated it and flipped to put on the other side as well. When you’re done editing, you have a couple of options for the file format and quality. Export wherever you would like and you’ll go back to the editor so you can still make some changes if needed. While I had everything ready, I also wanted to show you a quick way to add RSVP and thank you cards. If you don’t have the time to do that but would like to keep the design, you can always go back to the basic tools and you’ll see the option Canvas color. Open it and select transparent background. This will keep all the overlays in place and then just export it as usually � you can come back and upload it to start working on those extra cards. Back to the card, RSVP or Kindly respond are usually sent with the invites. RSVP stands for R�pondez s’il vous pla�t which translates to Please respond.

It’s a great idea to add ”by and date”, for example. I included the option to decline or accept as well as the number of guests and the names. Always include the name, just because you probably won’t know who sent it back. Finally, I made the last card which is a thank you card. You can attach your wedding photo on the back and hand it out to your guests during the ceremony. All of these can not only be printed, you can always add more embellishments like rhinestones, pearls and ribbons before you put them in the envelopes and send them out. Now here are several examples, these are just some of my ideas that are still relatively classic and simple. They are quite different from one another so there’s something for everyone to enjoy. And finally, just like I mentioned previously, there are a few blog posts that will help you create your invitations and wow your guests. You’ll find the link in the description below. Thank you for reading, if you have any questions you’re welcome to leave them in the comments. Bye!.

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