Home Depot Kids Workshop Build Toy Wagon 3 5 2016 Youtube Home Depot Kids Workshop
Home Depot Kids Workshop Build Toy Wagon 3 5 2016 Youtube Home Depot Kids Workshop

Perfect Home Depot Kids Workshop


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Good morning everybody we are here at the Home Depot to take the kids to the free Home Depot Workshop They are building a bean toss kind of game kinda like cornhole i believe look at the line to get in this is what the game is supposed to look like we are ready about to get our things alright we have our stuff right here bellah bellah bellah bellah what are we supposed to do lets open it up little ramps our stickers careful not to lose these bean bags where are the nails ah thank you alright this looks like it will be fairly easy here bellah lets open up these what we are going to do line this up how about you put a nail in there careful with your finger careful with my finger oh bellah you are scaring me oh my GOD! OH MY GOD You having fun? Avryl you doing so good hammer it in for me there you go good job high five there you go oh my goodness oh my goodness wait wait wait we got a couple more good job bellah looking good Avryl Good job let me hammer this one in tap in all these that is one sturdy cornhole game do you like it?we have a measurement difference what did you do what did you do mommy helped her what did yall do this one on the other hand bellah this one is perfect bellah bean bags alright guys ready oh cheater ah yah do it again practice on our new game here oh good job high five avryl you stickers are so good you want me to throw both? ready steady ahhh alright steady steady steady steady go ahhhh alright guys after 15 min we have the worlds smallest cornhole set worlds most themed cornhole set this should be fun to play with alright guys we have our certificates bellah show me yours you are now certifiable even if that is the spanish side alrighty guys we are done with the free kids workshop at the home depot we are off to get doughnuts um but the workshop was alot of fun they build a cornhole style game where they put valentines day um its on the first saturday of every month i highly suggest if you have small kids to bring them really good time its aobut a 15 min craft.

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