A Simple Homemade All Purpose Cleaner That Really Works Homemade All Purpose Cleaner
A Simple Homemade All Purpose Cleaner That Really Works Homemade All Purpose Cleaner

Cute Homemade All Purpose Cleaner


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Josh: Hey guys, Dr. Josh Axe here with Jordan Rubin, welcome to Ancient Medicine Today. Today, we’re going to be showing you how to make your own at-home lemon essential oil cleaner.

I’m telling you, this cleaner is great for cleaning stainless steel appliances, your countertops, it’s great for cleansing really everything in your house, and you got to get rid of those toxic ingredients in your house. And Jordan is going to share with you why you got to get rid of the toxic chemicals out of your household, and then we’re going to show you exactly how to make this DIY recipe. Jordan: And this will not only save you money, it will save you time, and it really is an all-purpose cleaner. Josh: Oh yeah. Jordan: But think about this folks, so many people come in Dr. Axe’s office over the years, talk to me in health coaching sessions, and they eat well, they’ve dealt with their emotions, but there are still things lurking in their home that are causing problems. Josh: Oh yeah. Jordan: And we’ve brought them in. The enemy comes right in the home through our shopping cart by buying toxic cleansers and they are seriously damaging your health. Look at this, these are the dangers of conventional products, if you look at an ingredient list, it’s like, what in the world? Josh: Oh yeah. Jordan: You can’t pronounce a single ingredient. There’s letters, there’s numbers, it’s awful. Skin issues, this is a no-brainer, right? You sprayed something. Have you ever sort of cleaned when you were a kid, I didn’t clean much, thank you, mom, yes and no. But you’re scrubbing the carpet or something and you get it on you and it’s like, man, not only that it stinks but it stings. Josh: Stinks, yeah. Jordan: So not only will it cause acute issues but long-term issues. This is a big one, respiratory issues. Kind of the glass cleaners are the worst. Do you remember the glass cleaner, that fluorescent green color or blue? Josh: I thought it was blue. Jordan: It smells really, really awful, and it’s not good for you. These respiratory issues, again, not only are acute but can cause long-term problems. Eye irritation, I definitely struggle with that, and the last thing I need is dealing with the bunch of cleansers, toilet bowl cleaners, awful. All of these bright-colored cleaners, you know there’s junk in there. Asthma, asthma has been shown to be caused by various chemicals that are found in healthy household cleaners. I don’t even want to get into cosmetics. We’re just talking about what you clean your home with. Burns, this can happen due to the toxic nature of conventional products. And cancer, this is a big one. Cancer caused by conventional cleaners, tell us about that. Josh: When you look at the different compounds found in these chemicals, I mean there are in these cleaners, there are a number of them that are known as being carcinogenic. Jordan, I thought about this as you were talking, all of these warning signs on the label, a lot of times they’ll have that skull with the bones going through with an X through it saying, “Hey, put these things out of the reach of children, hide them, lock them or put things on your cabinet so kids can’t get in their mouth. ” Jordan: If they get on your skin, call the poison control center immediately, I mean that’s not good. Josh: Yeah, not good at all. Do you really want those things in your house? My answer is absolutely no. You want to be using things that are all-natural, come from nature, like essential oils, like different types of vinegar are going to be a much better option. So here’s what you need in order to make this healthy non-toxic cleaner. This is our DIY Melaleuca lemon household cleaner, five simple ingredients, actually four ingredients in a glass jar here.

We’re going to start off here with eight ounces of water. Now listen, we’re live here, I’m going to do my best to not spill this water everywhere. Jordan: You can do it, you can do it. Josh: Get them right in here. All right, look at that. Jordan: Don’t you hate how almost every glass you pour it spills. I mean they should make a spout on every glass. I’m getting to the point where it’s really frustrating, but you’re doing a great job. Thank you, Josh. Josh: Awesome. Jordan: Melaleuca lemon household cleaner. Pennies a day, or like pennies a year. Josh: Oh yeah. Now, lemon oil smells great here. So again, you just want some clean water, and whether it’s distilled, or spring water, or out of your faucet, that’s fine. Lemon oil really high in D-limonene, you’re going to add in 15 drops of both lemon oil, so here we go, one, two, three. Jordan: I put that in my water today too and I drank it. Josh: There we go. Jordan: Cleans my insides and cleans surfaces. It’s a candy and a floor wax. Josh: Great for your lymphatic system but also great for cleaning the house. And then tea tree oil here, the great thing about tea tree oil or Melaleuca, is that it has some really powerful antimicrobial benefits here. And this actually is sourced out of Australia, can you do an Australian accent? Jordan: Good day mate. Josh: Hey, that was really great. Jordan: I like to imitate Bruce from Nemo. My kids read that every single day. So here’s what’s awesome, we mentioned all of those issues you get from using conventional cleaners, respiratory issues, asthma, burns, you’re cleaning and you’re actually improving your health because it’s . . . Josh: It’s real. Jordan: . . . cleansing in aromatherapy. So hey kids, go clean and wash the floor, it’s aromatherapy. So there you got vinegar. Josh: Here we got vinegar, we got the vinegar. Jordan: You actually smelled it, nice job. Josh: This is just a white vinegar, a very acidic in nature, also helps with the cleansing. And really one of the benefits here is the pH. Actually helps keep things like mold at bay, as does Melaleuca and tea tree oil there. So what you’re going to do here is simply just screw on the lid, make sure it’s nice and tight there as well. I’m just going to sort of mix the bottle around a little bit here before I go, and then we’re going to go ahead. Let’s spray this down, actually this looks pretty clean already but we’ll go ahead and . . . Jordan: I’m really good at cleaning. Josh: Look at that, hey. Jordan: Spick, well, I was going to use a brand name. Josh: Spick and span. Oh okay, got it, all right. Jordan: Look at this, shiny, lustrous, smells reasonably good. Josh: Smells good too. Jordan: You’ve got tea tree and you’ve got lemon. Folks listen, there are so many things you do in your daily life, unintentionally they can be harming your health, but imagine if you can clean almost every surface in your home effectively, affordably and get health benefits instead of health detriments. That’s what Ancient Medicine Today is about. This is ancient cleaning today with Dr. Josh Axe and Jordan Rubin, brought to you by dr. axe. com. If you love this and other blogs, make sure to comment to our channel, and share this blog. You might save somebody what, $67 a year. I mean let’s face it. I know for me because I’m kind of feeling a little bit convicted now, I go to the store and I’m about to be done shopping and Nicki texts me, “Go get some eco-friendly cleaner. ” Josh: Yeah. Jordan: I mean it’s $12, $18 dollars and I’m buying it every so often. This is absolutely awesome, literally cost pennies per cleaning. Josh: Yeah. Little bit goes a long way. I love that combination of aromatherapy plus cleaning at the same time. Hey, try this great recipe. And hey, if you want to find more great recipes, make sure you comment here on our YouTube channel, make sure to check out dr. axe. com under our natural remedies in DIY section. We have other healthy recipes like DIY deodorant, DIY rosemary hair thickening shampoo. We also have some other great natural household cleaners and recipes there as well. This has been Jordan Rubin, myself, Dr. Josh Axe with Ancient Medicine Today, talking about a DIY cleaner using Melaleuca and lemon oil. Hi, Dr. Axe here, I want to say thanks so much for checking out this YouTube blog. And also, don’t forget to comment if you want to get more great content on things like herbs, essential oils, natural remedies, and how to use food as medicine. Also, check out more of our content on my YouTube channel. Thanks for reading. .

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