How To Grow Catnip From Seeds Or Seedlings Gardening Flavours How To Grow Catnip
How To Grow Catnip From Seeds Or Seedlings Gardening Flavours How To Grow Catnip

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Hey guys, I am Liana the owner of Wet Noses Pet Sitting and I am here to talk to you today about how to grow catnip indoors and pretty much everything you need to know about catnip on how to use it for your kitties or your friend’s kitties, or whatever you want to do with it. I want to thank everybody who is reading the recording because we are live right now but if you are reading this and you were probably reading the recording, so thanks for joining us and keeping an eye out. So catnip, this is catnip.

I’m here in Colorado, in Colorado we have very short growing season, a relatively short growing season, so I decided, I don’t know five months ago or so, that I was going to grow catnip inside for my kitty and for any of our customers that want any catnip, so that’s what I’ve been doing and if it is pretty great. So first off, planting catnip. So you can see it here. Sorry about the bright window, but this is my indoor catnip plant here which is crazy. So it started out as a plant like this. I went to Petco, I believe, and I got a little, actually I got three, little sprouted plants. If you stick with me to the end, I will tell you my funny story about my cat. First I want to get through all the stuff you need to know about catnip. So I went to Petco, got a little sprout, got three little plants, and I planted them in this giant pot here. Only one survived and that has grown into this giant monster that you see behind me. I have also trimmed this multiple times, so I will say that like a lot of pet people, I’m also a plant person and I have a ton of plants and this is the easiest plant I have ever had to grow, so this thing just keeps growing on its own without pretty much any help from me other than a ton of water, it requires a lot of water. So I did plant it in a big pot. The one thing to know is that it does like a lot of water and a lot of sun so I have my name is south facing window which is what I’d recommend. It definitely likes that the bright sunlight. It’s normally meant to be an outdoor plant but of course here in Colorado you can only grow through the summer and I wanted to grow all year round for my cat so that’s how we end up with a potted catnip. So just water it frequently, put it in a south-facing window, and it will grow like this. Make sure your cats can’t get to it and it will grow ‘n grow ‘n grow. For maintenance or for trimming what you want to do is you do want to trim it every now and then this little piece just broke off and when you trim you’re just going to cut it clip it short and if you clip the ends in to split the end and it will actually split into two different things, two different leaf sections and it will make it much more thick, which is kind of what, if you can kind of see what has happened in the interior here, the plant is growing really thickly because I have trimmed it quite a bit. I did wait for some of the leaves to get long before I did that and now I do trim the large leaves because they otherwise start to die, so I trim them before they die and then I dry them, which is the whole point of this in the first place, is too dry to the plants. So, once you get time for drying, so you’ve got some either big leaves or they’ve grown long stems and branches in you’re ready to trim it, because this things grows like a monster, you’re going to dry it and you can do two things. You can either dry it like a normal herb, I’ve got an herb plant here. You cut the stem off, or cut, this is actually three stems or three branches, so you cut the three branches off, tie it together and you can hang it just like to dry like any herb. So there’s herb drying racks and then, but they actually recommend that you dry this in a cool dark place so I have mine hanging in my basement in a nice drying area. This took about two weeks that this has been drying and its pretty stiff so what I’m going to do after this is I’m going to break off all the individual leaves and I’m going to put them in a container to save for my cat. You don’t want to actually want to crush them yet because you want to wait until you actually want to give it to your cat to crush the leaves because they stay more fresh better. They stay better. So you want to make sure they dried out all the way. The other thing you can do is you can actually, I got it here, use a dehydrator. I have a little one, it was a cheap ones, like a fifty dollar dehydrator, and you can do that for all sorts of things. You just use one tray and put it in there. Takes about 24 hours to dry so you either dry it naturally by hanging, takes a couple weeks, or you can dry it in a dehydrator for 24 hours, so it kind of depends upon your preference and what you want to do. Either way it turns out really well. Come the spring here, as soon as we are sure that we are past our last winter, our last storm, since we’re not sure yet here in Colorado, I’m going to put it outdoors and so I’m going to grow this one outdoors and then I will also be planting a lot of. . . I’ve been rooting catnip here rooting for the last couple weeks and I’m going to be planting it outdoors along my house. So catnip is not only fun for cats but it is also a natural pest deterrent so it can be used both around your home or on chicken coops. Chicken coops are much more popular here in Colorado these days so you can put it out while your chicken and keep the pests away naturally without having to use anything insecticides or pesticides so that’s pretty great.

Plus it’s nice and fun to have for your cat if you just wanna grow it out in your yard. Again it takes a lot of water so it does need to be watered, I water this sucker every day to every other day depending on how sunny its been, so you really want to make sure that you get that water going. And I don’t see anybody have any questions so I’m not going to worry about that but if you stayed with me this whole time and you want to hear my quick, funny story, so in the end you end up with catnip like this which is fantastic and you want to store it in a dry place. I don’t think I said that. Store it in a dry, cool, dark place so that it maintains its fragrance very well. So my funny story. So my cat, she’s not, she’s upstairs sleeping. She’s old. She’s probably 19 or 20 years old now. She’s upstairs taking her 23 hour nap a day. We got this catnip so, and originally, as I said, I got three so they looked like that and they’re beautiful and I thought that’s fantastic so I potted them in my pot and it was late at night and I thought, “Well the cat’s probably gonna be asleep. There’s no way this cat’s gonna be bugging this catnip in the middle of the night, plus she’s 19 or 20. ” So I just left it on the ground, in this giant pot, but there’s no way she’s going to climb up in this pot. So, and I was wrong. About midnight or 1am we heard screaming and yowling and everything in our house and so my husband went down to check to see what it was and it was our cat rolling around in this pot of catnip, happy as a clam, a little catnip kitty high and screaming at her own reflection in the glass because it was sitting in a very similar position to that right by our window. She was still pleased with herself and had such a great time that evening but after that we elevated it so elevated your catnip so you cat can’t get your catnip or you’re going to protect it by having some sort of net or put it somewhere your cat can’t reach it because your cat will destroy it. The only reason my cat is not destroying it now is because she is 19 and she can’t climb up this giant thing into a pot so, that’s how I started out with three plants like this and ended up with only one because she killed two that evening. But it turns out I only needed one in order to create this giant massive plant like this which is epic, so I don’t see that anybody has any questions or anything so I’m just going to call it there but I encourage you to plant some catnip and if you live here locally and you would like a catnip snip it to get your catnip plant started, just let us know at WetNosesPetSitting. com, you can email us and, or send us a message here on Facebook and we can get you started with your catnip. I think all cats should have fresh catnip plants and they are really, really easy to raise so there’s no reason for everybody to not have catnip plants in their house, plus they smell fantastic, they really do. It’s too bad you can’t have Facebook smells as of yet. But so go ahead and give it a shot. Let us know if you would like one and if you live further away, go to your Petco or Petsmart or any place locally that sells some catnip and get some catnip and start planting because it’s great and if you have nice year-round weather then start planting year-round because you can have catnip all the time and your cat will be so happy, so pleased with you if you let your cat out in the air and that you can be fantastic. Thank you all for joining me! Have a great, great rest of your day.

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