Fragrant Cloud Hybrid Tea Rose Hybrid Tea Rose
Fragrant Cloud Hybrid Tea Rose Hybrid Tea Rose

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How to care hybrid rose plant as you can see these my hybrid roses and its flowering well and making new new buds rose plants is coming in very nice colors and verities hybrid rose, desi rose or grafted or rooted roses if you can care your rose plants well definitely you can get more blooms friends if you have rose plants in your home then i will guide you about its care 1. choose best soil 2. watering 3. fertilizer where to keep our rose plants ? then you have to keep always in full sunlight for best growth need 6- 7 hrs direct sunlight which soil is best for growing roses well drain garden soil or add some decopost cow dung watering dont over watering in your rose plants fertilizer natural organic fertilizer best for rose plants dont use inorganic fertilizer used tea or egg sail is best fertilizer for roses use also egg sail for best growth terrace garden.

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