The Best Space Heaters Reviews By Wirecutter A New York Times Company Most Efficient Space Heater
The Best Space Heaters Reviews By Wirecutter A New York Times Company Most Efficient Space Heater

Great Most Efficient Space Heater


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After 40 hours of research and testing, our pick for the best space heater is the Vornado. This space heater is excellent at spreading heat using its patented Whole Room Vortex Heat Circulation feature. Plus, its safety features are unparalleled.

Here is our list of the five Best Space Heaters: #1 Vornado – AVH10 #2 Holmes – HQH341-NUM #3 Honeywell – HCE 200B #4 Dr. Infrared Heater – DR-968 #5 Mr. Heater – F232000 Here’s how we tested: Safety is a prominent concern with space heaters, since an unsafe one could lead to a house fire. So, we checked to ensure that each heater shut off when it was tipped past a 45 degree angle. Next, a precise thermostat is key to an effective heater, so we measured the temperature in each room in which the heater was placed. Then we cross-checked it with the heater’s thermostat to see how accurate it was. We also took the efficiency of each heater into consideration by measuring the wattage it required and the corresponding amount of heat it produced. And because loud heaters can be annoying, we also used a decibel sound meter to measure the sound output of each heater. Before going over our top picks, you can check out links in the description below for more detail on each space heater. There’s also a link there to the full review on our blog post. With state of the art safety features like acute tip-over and overheating protection, the Vornado – Vortex Heater was easily the winner in our tests. It has an accurate digital thermostat and easy-to-adjust temperature controls. Plus, as the second most efficient heater in our tests, it spreads the heat more effectively than the other electric heaters we tested. The only downside? Its direct heat output is not on par with the rest of its stellar features. The most wallet-friendly pick in our tests, the Holmes – Quartz Tower heater is 30% more efficient than its closest competitor in terms of direct heat output. This heater, which is most suitable for small rooms, has the power of a propane heater, but the price of an electric one, emanating a sun-like warmth that will keep you cozy. That being said, the safety of the Holmes – Quartz Tower leaves something to be desired; its metal gets hot to the touch. Plus, its tip-over protection works sporadically depending on the tip direction. The Honeywell – Ceramic Heater is another great option for smaller rooms, with reliable tip-over protection that works in every direction. It has two different heat settings which are surprisingly powerful. However, some users have complained that having noise from the fan can be bothersome. The Dr. Infrared Heater has more than just a cool-sounding name. It’s also aesthetically pleasing, resembling a small piece of furniture and is the only one that does. This 24-pound infrared heater, which is best for large rooms, has good tip-over protection and room heat, but direct heating is where it truly shines. Not to mention, its customizable settings and reliable thermostat make it a breeze to operate. The Mr. Heater – Portable Buddy might have an adorable name, but it brings the heat better than most of its more intimidating-sounding competitors. This heater is propane-fueled, meaning you don’t have to worry about a tangle of cords. It can be used outdoors, or indoors in a well ventilated room. It’s also costly to use, costing about $2 every hour. Like the website? Have any questions? Don’t forget to like, comment and comment. Current commentrs have the chance to win a product giveaway. Check out the description for product links and we’ll see you next time on Your Best Digs. .

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