The Wood Panelling Room Before And In Progess All Sorts Of Pretty Painted Wood Paneling
The Wood Panelling Room Before And In Progess All Sorts Of Pretty Painted Wood Paneling

Beautiful Painted Wood Paneling Ideas


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Tina has got a question about her basement. I think she might be in her basement. She’s on FaceTime.

Hey, Tina. There she is! I see some wood paneling behind you. This is a common thing in homes all over the country, and not once have I gone in and someone said, “I want to keep this wood paneling, because it’s amazing. ” Right. Right, because I could be wrong, but I’m seeing maybe not even real wood paneling. This is faux wood with grooves in it. And I’m going to show you how we can update this very, very simply. So, I actually have the identical panel right here on the table. Now, this is a super simple fix. It’s all about proper preparation and color selection. Typically, these types of wall coverings are in rooms with low ceilings and basements or in older architecture. Contrary to popular belief, darker tones actually play really nicely on these walls. So you can actually swing all the way to white, but I really like the rich. I picked out a specific color for you. This is actually called North Sea. We’re gonna paint this in just a second. But how do you get the most creativity out of your wood paneling is starting with some Spackle. I love to use a Spackle that looks like Pepto-Bismol? whatever this looks like. It does, yeah. I was trying to think of something that wasn’t– It looks like a ladies’ facial mask or something. It looks like frosting. Thank you. It does look like frosting. Like a pink ganache. So we can actually cover every single groove, which is kind of like the level one creativity. I actually like to maybe go alternating. So what I’m gonna do is I’m actually going to cover up this and you’re going to see how you can easily fill this. Be generous with it. This is my first time doing some frosting on the paneling. I’m a little nervous. Let me know if you need a hand. So we’re just gonna show you how we can do that easily. Now, no matter what it says on the package, this stuff does shrink, so you want to let it fully dry. When it turns white, you know that it’s dry. Then you’re gonna come back and do another coat, because it’s gonna have that little dimple. You’re gonna be able to see it if not. Then we’re gonna do one more, just to show you again just how simple– And you’re going every other, right? That’s the first swipe right there, exactly. Every other.

Yeah, every other, or you can do every one. It’s your choice. So we’re gonna get the excess off of this. Then we’re gonna knock off the sheen. Whenever you’re painting, you wanna make sure you have some tooth. What tooth means is, a little bit of grip on the surface. Something to grab the paint. Exactly, so we’ll just use a sanding sponge. There’s no magic here. Just stay in the direction north and south, in the direction of your grooves, just like so. Once you have a little tooth, you’re gonna be ready to prime and then you’re gonna paint. Because I have primer in my paint, I’m gonna go in one step ’cause I like to do it like that. Right, sometimes we combine steps. Otherwise you can do a nice coat of primer, let it dry, and then do thin coats. That’s the biggest thing with paint, right? Don’t try to glob too much on there. Then we’re gonna go, isn’t this a nice, rich color? Beautiful, I love it. All right, even if you don’t get it all in the grooves, that’s okay, give it a little bit like that, and then you just want to smooth it out, keeping that wet edge. So, when we get finished, I’m going to put about three coats on this. That’s what it’s going to take. And then when we get done, actually, Duff, if you’ll come over here and give me a hand? You got it. Need some muscle over here. We’re gonna show you what this paneling looks like. (applauding) Shall we? This way, which way you got, there you go. Oh, that’s beautiful. Oh wow. Can Tina see that, can you see that? So what we have here is a nice, rich tone. It brings in a little bit more of like the nautical-type feel, but this is really, really popular all over the country in a lot of different architectural styles. I think it’s going to play really nicely with the stone in your basement. Do you like it? Wow, that looks great. (applauding) Even some of the bronze and brass accents that you have in the basement, they’re gonna play really, really nice with this tone. It’s gonna immediately update it and hopefully make you fall in love with that dark basement. I don’t do DIY anything. I could do that, too. (audience applauding).

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