Fun Party Games For Adults Diy Inspired Party Games For Adults
Fun Party Games For Adults Diy Inspired Party Games For Adults

Great Party Games For Adults


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Faster Kapil Sharma show. . uh Navjot singh sidhu says something. . ?? Thoko taali (Acting of spitting) : Spit uh. . what comes after no. 1,2,3? Four play foreplay? 😛 Mast (Nice) Totta (Beautiful) He was actually finding his wife to point out for that 😛 😛 What does Arvind Kejriwal says? This is the biggest –?? I dont know. . anything else about that word? What is the other name for Blunder? Scam? 😉 Yeah. . that’s right! Last word will be cancelled as he directly translated the word. You can’t translate it directly to any other language. uh. . what comes after childhood? Older stage What is the situation when your stomach doesn’t clear daily ? Constipation (Kabz : hindi word) Acidity? No the first one. . : Constipation (Kabz) change it a li’l bit. . Kabzi (exact word on the chit) Kabzi. . Exactly!! What is the place where people dance naked? Brothel? Beach? Dance bar? Something else? What do you call people who remove their clothes? Strip club 😛 haha What did chatur did in the speech from movie : 3 idiots? uh – Balatkar ([email protected]) :p :p yeah! What are thieves? another word for miser? :/ Kanjoos correct answer : Chindi (aka Chindi chor).

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