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All Yard Garden Projects Porch Swing Wood Project Plan Porch Swing Plans

Beautiful Porch Swing Plans


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Daydreaming about the perfect summer spot? Relax…we’ve got you covered. This hanging daybed begins with a sturdy frame. Starting with one of the two rails, mark the locations for the supports, drill two countersunk screwholes at each location, and drive screws to attach the supports. Then, add the second rail the same way. now- clamp the arms to the inside faces of the rails…drill four countersunk screw holes for each arm, then glue and screw the arms to the rails. Next, attach the fillers. Each one sits on top of the rail, and the edges should be flush with the arms. Drill countersunk screw holes, and glue and screw the fillers to the arms. Add a crossbar to each end of the frame, drilling countersunk holes and driving screws to attach them. Now you’re ready to trim out the frame, fastening the trim pieces to each end of the daybed, then the rails, and finally the arms and crossbars. The panel that serves as the platform for the daybed gets glued and nailed to the frame. Before applying the finish to the daybed, mark the locations of the holes for the eyebolts used to hang the bed, and drill ½ inch holes thru the rail trim, rails, and arms. Sand the daybed and apply the finish of your choice. Slip washers onto each eyebolt, then slide them into the drilled holes. Secure each eyebolt on the inside with a washer, a lock washer and a nut. Hang the daybed with chains…aligning the eyebolts with the screw hooks in the joist or beam you’re hanging it from. Add a mattress and your ‘bedding’ and you’re ready to relax in style. For the detailed directions, go to Lowes. com/LCI-HangingDaybed.

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