China Portable Induction Cooker From Zhongshan Manufacturer Portable Induction Cooktop
China Portable Induction Cooker From Zhongshan Manufacturer Portable Induction Cooktop

This Amazing Portable Induction Cooktop


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After over 30 hours of researching and testing, we found the NuWave to be the best portable induction cooktop for most home users. Induction cooktops are great for tight kitchens, dorm rooms, and keeping food warm for both indoor and outdoor parties. Induction is a fast and safe alternative to gas and is gaining ground even in professional kitchens.

Here is our list of the four best induction cooktops: #1 NuWave – Precision Induction Cooktop 2 (PIC2) #2 Duxtop / Secura – 9100MC #3 Fagor – 670041900 #4 Duxtop – 8300ST So, what is induction cooking technology? It simply uses magnetic induction to rapidly heat your food. There are no flames or electrical heating elements with this cooking method. How is it different from other types of cooking? While induction cooking is more efficient at transferring heat, electric cooking can reach higher temperatures than gas and gas cooking allows more control over your cooking temperatures. Induction compatible cookware is usually made with iron or stainless steel and you can test it with a magnet to make sure it will work. So, how did we test? First, we tested the power of each cooktop by timing how quickly it boiled water. Then, we tested the temperature control of each machine by melting butter and attempting to keep it at an even heat. Finally, we tested how evenly each cooktop could heat by making pancakes and examining the consistency of their brownness. Before going over our top two picks, you can check out links in the description below for more detail on each portable induction cooktop. There’s also a link there to the full review on our blog post. Our first pick, the Nuwave, had the broadest temperature range, running the gamut from 100 to 575 degrees Fahrenheit. It performed well, earning high scores in our butter melting test. Aesthetically, it felt both compact and unintrusive on our countertop. Plus, the NuWave was the only cooktop with a programmable memory for presetting cooking tasks. The Duxtop excelled in temperature variation too, ranging from 140 to 460 degrees Fahrenheit. It boiled water faster than any of the other cooktops, at just four minutes and 19 seconds. Plus, it’s straightforward display panel and ten power modes made it incredibly easy The finishing touch? It won’t turn on without cookware, making it a safe choice. The only thing we don’t love about the Duxtop? It doesn’t have as many programmable settings or temperature choices as the Nuwave. Like the website? Have any questions? Don’t forget to like, comment and comment. Current commentrs have a chance to win a giveaway product from our latest review. Check out the description for product links and we’ll see you next time on Your Best Digs. .

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