Plans Free Potting Bench Plans Pdf Potting Bench Plans Potting Bench Plans
Plans Free Potting Bench Plans Pdf Potting Bench Plans Potting Bench Plans

Ideas Of Potting Bench Plans


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If you love getting out in the garden, getting dirty, being creative, creating something that’s fabulous, and you can’t find a place to do it, have I got the thing for you. I’m going to show you today how to make an outdoor potting bench, and these are all the tools and materials that we need to complete the task. There’s a few components, and we’re going to build it step-by-step in each component, and then we’re going to put it all together.

The beauty about this project is that you can get all of your timber pre-cut at Bunnings. Start with one of your sides lay out all of your timber into position. Then we’re going to fix off each one of the corners with the nail gun just to hold it into place. Place one more piece of timber under the bottom. Now that’s going to help later on to actually be a base to put the casters of the potting bench onto. This is one side completed, all I’ve got to do now is repeat the process for the other side of the potting bench. Put together the frame for the top and the bottom. Simply lay it out. Clamp down your timber, so we can fix it off. Repeat this process for the bottom and the top. Two sides are done, your two tops are done, now we’ve got to put it all together. Clamp it down. Then we’re going to pre-drill and secure it all off with really tight batten screws. Take your pre-cut decking, and place it onto the base. Attach your first piece flush with the edge of your base. Use your spacer to accurately position each of the boards so that they’re nice and even. It’s starting to take shape now. While we’ve got a workbench out, we’re going to remove this, and we’re going to work on the workbench to continue to make the back part of the potting bench. Lay the upper back table onto the bench top, and then fix off, much the same as what we’ve done for the other frames that we’ve made so far. Attach the top frame to the potting bench, pre-drill, and then attach with batten screws. Now’s a fantastic opportunity to fix the wheels to the potting stand. It’s simply a matter of turning it upside down, and fixing the four wheels with batten screws. Mark your wheels, pre-drill, then screw them on. Attach your two lockable wheels to the same side. This becomes the front of your potting bench. Attach the backing board to the top of your potting bench, predrill, then screw it on. Place your decking boards on top of the potting bench, starting with your first board, flush with the back. I want all of my screws in a straight line, so I’m using a set square to help me do that. Continue on with the boards for the top, then repeat the process for the boards on the back. There you go, your outdoor potting bench. You can leave it as is, natural. You can stain it or paint it. I’m going to give mine a paint. Now all we’ve got to do is take it outside, get it in the garden, and get to work. Here’s your new potting bench. I think it looks fantastic. It’s on wheels, so you can wheel it out into the garden, it’s set up with everything you need, so all you’ve gotta do is get stuck into that garden. Enjoy.


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