Used Books Infographics Visual Ly Selling Used Books
Used Books Infographics Visual Ly Selling Used Books

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How to Sell Used Books. You can get cash by selling used books online as a one-time only transaction, or as a professional bookseller. You will need Online auction account Your own online bookstore and online bookseller account. Step 1. Decide on the intent of your sale. Starting an online used bookstore requires more setup, more time and money than a few online book sales. Step 2. Visit online booksellers to see if your book is common. Assume used books have low value unless rare. Don’t base your book’s selling price on a high- or mid-range book price at a bookseller’s site. Step 3. Sell your book at an online auction. In a buyer’s market, you’ll have to be extra savvy, offering your book with an honest description of its condition. For shipping auction books via the U. S. Postal Service, “Media Mail” is much cheaper than priority or parcel post. Step 4. Sell via an online bookseller program. Your book must exactly match the format or edition of the book on the bookseller’s page. Step 5. Open an online store through a bookseller specializing in used books. Search online for free do-it-yourself inventory management software. Step 6. Consider an online used bookstore management service that will manage your inventory and orders for you. Now unload those used books and count your money! Did you know In 1994, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates bought the Codex Leicester, Leonardo DaVinci’s notebooks, for $30. 8 million at auction. .

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