White Toilet Cistern Fill Valve Bottom Entry American Standard Toilet Fill Valve
White Toilet Cistern Fill Valve Bottom Entry American Standard Toilet Fill Valve

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Hello and welcome to this blog on how to change a bottom entry fill valve. The one we’ve got here is filling up really really slowly, and if you look in the top we can also see that its the old valve and arm type which are quite out of date these days. What we are going to do is change it over for the FlushKING fill valve, this a fully adjustable one and it also has the addition of a brass shank on the bottom which means its a lot more stronger at the bottom and its a lot easier to tighten up without the risk of crossing over the thread.

If we look at the valve itself we have our bottom nut here to seal it. we’ve got a coned rubber washer here which means its really versatile when it comes to fitting in the hole of the toilet, its also got adjustable height with a locking collar round on here that we can lock in position like that, we’ve got an adjustable ball valve here that will adjust up and down this arm there. The best thing about these is they have got a lovely silent fill because the water fills up at the bottom their really really smooth, they fill up at full speed right up to the top bit which means your toilet fills up even quicker. And they’re so adjustable it means that if you think your using too much water, especially if used in conjunction with one of their flush units, you can save quite a lot of money on your water bills as well. So lets see how we can fit this now, its really really easy, it shouldn’t take more than quarter of an hour so follow our instructions and I hope you enjoy the blog. So we’ve just flushed the loo and as you can see, it’s filling up really really slowly and we’ve got this old ball valve type here. What we need to do firstly, is go down to the bottom, find you ball valve and turn that off, you might find that the valve for the water supply toilet is elsewhere but we’re lucky here coz its right where we need it to be. Now we’ve got the water supply turned off, all we need to do is flush the loo like we’ve just done now and then, use a towel to towel out the rest of the rest of the water before we move on to the next stage, squeeze that into the toilet like so. Now we’ve soaked out all the water out of here we can then pop a towel underneath the valve we’re going to replace. and even a small tub as well, just to catch any water. Now all we need to do is undo our feed pipe, with an adjustable spanner, sometimes you need to hold the body of the valve as well while you do this if its really tight but fortunately were OK. you will have a little bit of water out, but fortunately were catching that all all in all in our lovely tub down here. so now all we need to do is use an adjustable spanner on here and undo this nut here. Once we’ve got this wound of, we should be able to remove our whole valve. now we should be able to just lift our valve out like so. Now what I usually do is I undo the nut of the bottom here and then I actually pop in our valve before we fully tighten it up. The reason I do this is coz then I can see what kind of height I want see where my valves gonna stop and what the water level is gonna be. and then whip it out again and adjust it to height that I would like it. To be honest, I’m pretty happy with that already. but if I did want to change it these are such easy fill valves to adjust there’s no real trouble at all. But I’m happy with it there, so I’m just going to pop it back in the Loo now. make sure it goes past that button quite nicely, and down through our hole. Always make sure that the seat that the rubber washer is gonna be going to on the bottom of the toilet is nice and clean so I can get a great seal Now all we need to do is pop this new nut back on our brass shank at the bottom tighten that up, re-tighten up our water supply and re-switch it on and then test for leaks. And also test for what the water level is gonna be like and whether we need to adjust it or not. Make sure before you fully tighten it up that the body is pointing in the right direction and is unobstructed. now all we need to do is grab our adjustable’s again and tighten this nut up. But you really shouldn’t need to tighten it up too much cos its got a lovely rubber washer on the bottom of it. now all we need to do is reseal the water connection and make sure weve got nice water tight seal, with this sort of thing is really very simple and you should find it too difficult. So lets re-do up the water connection now and turn the water back on. So lets test it now, as you can see, its filling up nice and quick Now we can see how quickly and easily these quick these valves shut off. So before you finish, make sure you’ve got no leaks on the bottom and everything should just be fine, Ill just pop this lid back on here so there we go, that’s how you change a bottom entry fill valve for a brass shanked fill valve with a quick fill and a quick stop FlushKING do make different types of bottom entry fill valve, they do a plastic shanked one and they also do one that doesn’t have the main adjustment at the bottom but still has the adjustement on the ball float. I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s blog, and its given you a better idea of how to change your bottom entry fill valve and thank you very much for reading, Bye Bye. .

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