35 Best Wedding Wordpress Themes 2018 Athemes Wedding Planning Websites
35 Best Wedding Wordpress Themes 2018 Athemes Wedding Planning Websites

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I hope you’re having a super happy day so far I am so excited that I’ve gotten a chance to sit down with you and just try and talk wedding stuff yay I still have a hard time believing that I’m engaged and I am about to marry the love of my life in less than six months so exciting we’re not talking about like the actual day we’re trying to keep that a secret so one day you’ll just pop on here on Instagram and then you’ll see that we’re married so so super excited but I really wanted to sit down and make this blog because Brandon and I we are planning a wedding on a budget we don’t have unlimited resources to just plan our day and I never realized how expensive weddings were I mean I know I heard talked before that they are expensive everyone knows they’re expensive but I didn’t realize how super expensive they actually were I just never even imagined and as I’ve started like reaching out to vendors and touring venues it really became so prevalent that it’s a lot of money it’s just so much money so I wanted to share the tips that I’ve come across to planning a wedding on a budget so I just really want to help anyone else out who is planning their big day as well it is such a beautiful time in your life and it’s gonna be the best day ever no matter what your budget is no matter where you have it in a matter if it rains or if it shines it’s gonna be the best day ever but I did of course want to share these tips to help you out in any way possible so the first tip that I have to plan a wedding on a budget is to don’t send that save-the-dates Brandon and when I told him this he was like oh you wanna save on the save the dates get it like save money on save the dates I thought it was funny he said it a lot better than I just did but for us since our wedding is you know way less than a year away we feel that seat the deeds aren’t necessarily crucial and all the people that we wanted our wedding pretty much already know the date anyway it’s just because we told them you know through seeing them or just texting that I might text it a lot of my friends like oh my gosh I’ll endure for so and so date so I feel like that’s that’s Aust not more personal at all but like I I feel like that’s really sweet like people are still gonna be excited about it and you still were Mike the calendar and I don’t necessarily mean that paper card and mail saying like Oh save the date I do think they’re beautiful but we just figured that since it is so close it’s not a super short engagement by any means but since the wedding is far less than a year away then they’re not really necessary and that probably saved us a good $300 at least I think because when you think about it you have to print them all apps and then you have to send them with stamps and have the envelopes and all that all that so it also is very time-consuming as well so it’s just wasn’t a huge priority for us so that is one great way to save some money or right off the back okay the next one I have never really thought about this until I started reaching out to photographers but my crews are so expensive for weddings which I totally understand I mean it’s a whole lot for them to take wedding wedding photos and then edit them it’s definitely a huge job and a huge part of wedding so there’s also a whole lot of pressure involved with that too but Wow Wow there’s those things that all the photographer’s I were looking at were well over $2,000 so a pretty penny for sure so what I read about is asking photographers if they offer ala carte a services which is so brilliant because for us we don’t really need engagement photos because one we already have a billion photos together and two I do want to take engagement photos but we’ll probably do it with a different photographer than our actual wedding photographer and I wanted to wait to do this until it cools down because we’re living in Florida in the heat of summer so I wanted to wait on that too and for the engagement photos I want them to be like more lifestyle s not as Posey so I wanted to make sure to work with the photographer I did that so for us like we really didn’t want a wedding photographer package so when I found out that photographers do ala carte it was perfect so basically many photographers won’t list that they do all occur at me they well maybe they won’t on the website but when I started finding photographers I liked and just emailed them saying hi do you do all a car are you available for this day and all the photographer’s that I asked they said they did so super great so they’ll usually just charge you by the hour and for us we’re gonna have our photography be there for four or five hours because we will have a blog water for there and basically what I want photos of is the Guinean ready part the ceremony during the cocktail hour when we take all our post pictures and stuff and then first dance and those are like the main points of pictures I want and during cocktail hour I plan to get all my family photos and stuff so that’s definitely crucial but during the reception of people dancing and stuff I don’t really need like hundreds of pictures of people dancing of course it’s cute and stuff to look through it but you’re not gonna hang pictures of like your friends dancing at your wedding all over your house you know it’s just for the blog I definitely want blog of that because that’s gonna be so fun to read like everyone dancing and having a great time but we don’t really need pictures like hung up over there so and we can always take stills of the blog if there’s a really funny expression or anything like that so I feel pretty good about that decision um I just pray it doesn’t rain something that we probably will stretch our budget on is getting a tent cuz our wedding is mainly outside in Florida I know we’re crazy but we’re probably gonna get a tent just for peace of mind and that is a pretty penny so if you there’s another like tangent tangent budget fading idea is to make sure you have an intern menu so you don’t have to buy a tent because there can be like $2,000 fun stuff okay next thing okay this one’s kind of Safa it’s also good so one thing is considered not having a bridal party so I definitely have mixed feelings about this because obviously my friends are very important to me and it’s so special to have the people you love surrounding you on your big day like the biggest day of your life um but I was bringing I were just like getting ready and talking about this more became kind of stressful and it is quite the ordeal to ask people to be your bridesmaids and it’s all super fun and stuff but I think what we’ve decided we’re still talking about it a little more but I believe what we’re gonna do is I’m still gonna have a bachelorette party and ask on the events to go dress shopping which means next weekend and um and also get ready what is me the day of the weigh-in and the bridal suite but I don’t think I’m gonna have a formal part bridal party because I just I don’t know I don’t want people to have to buy all this dresses and all this stuff so I think we’re gonna be more casual with our bridal party we’ll still have our people there like many clothes stuff but we’re gonna keep it a little tight and then honestly that’s one less thing to worry about I’ve just been trying to eliminate anything that kind of stresses me out from the wedding planning and just focusing on things that really bring us joy and really really will make our day stressful and sometimes the less things that you have to do is better so you can just enjoy it and not stress out about any component of your wedding day the next tip is consider doing your own hair and makeup so for me I am definitely not an expert of doing hair or makeup and I’m going to try to have someone help me with my hair on my wedding day for sure because I feel better about makeup than hair but I am gonna try to do my own makeup gonna practice before of course but this can honestly see if it’s so much money so that’s definitely something to consider and I mean it depends on your skill level if you feel really confident doing your hair and makeup by all means I would and for makeup especially I definitely towards tend to gravitate towards a more natural makeup look so sometimes I feel like when I get my makeup done it just does not look natural or even look like me because there’s just so much makeup on and of course it’s beautiful they’re doing their art but I do want to look like myself and I do want to look natural on my wedding day so I think I’m gonna do my own makeup but I think all higher still wanted to do my own hair so I’m able to at least save money on the makeup portion of it all okay the next tip kind of obvious I wrote in my notes DIY duh so DIY do-it-yourself there will definitely be quite a bit of DIYs at my wedding if you know me you know I love to craft so I’m having so much fun doing that’s already I could not wait to show you guys would you like to see kind of a crafting wedding DIY tutorial because I definitely can film that for you if you would like so I’m gonna try to do a lot of those components and honestly DIYs can add up if you start going too crazy I’m trying to hold myself back from needing a u-haul for my wedding day because that’s how my ideas go they just go so big so I’m gonna try to keep it a little more simple and not stress out because we won’t have too much time to decorate and get the venue ready before like I have to get ready so um yeah I’m gonna try to keep it a little more subtle and I am having someone help me with that component with the decorations as well so I’m so thankful for that but DIY is it’s definitely a great way to go and even with the flowers that we’re going to try to break a lot of our own flowers from Trader Joe’s or even some fake flowers from Joanne’s or Michaels because I get coupons from them if you guys aren’t getting coupons from them I highly should suggest signing up for their email or text I get a lot of text from Joanne’s seriously every week I have a different coupon and sometimes there’s 60% off one night over 50% off one item so that’s a really great coupon so that will help you save a lot of dough okay another thing is have your guests RSVP online so basically what we plan to do is we’re gonna send out paper invites but we won’t have a little card in invites where they have to RSVP and then send it back because one the little cards cost extra money and you have to get extra envelopes or the little cards that they can send back and you have to give them stamps so I just a hats up so quickly plus I don’t think it’s really convenient for your guests to have to mail out something not that that’s super hard at all it’s really not but I mean it does take more effort than artistry being online and you never know if it could get lost in the mail so we’re definitely gonna try to go with that route and minted calm and the not calm they offer free wedding websites so we’re definitely gonna make fun of those to just make everything simple and streamline everything so really excited to build that out and then have my guests go in there and our story read about the day and all that bad stuff last but certainly not least the last tip is to ditch the alcohol so totally gonna vary on your priorities and I don’t know what your family like if your family is loves alcohol and loves the fun drinks and stuff then Beslan you might want to have that there but for us it’s just not a huge priority I think we might get some canned rose’ or canned may be some bottles of beer and distractor pudding coolers like around the UM the food and just out in a bow around their venue it’s a more casual than you so I think that could work really nicely so we might do that just kind of cut on cost and you can get a bunch of that stuff at Costco and folks that would save a whole lot of money but alcohol is one of the most expensive things about weddings especially if you have an open bar so if you’re definitely on a budget I would try to recommend to kind of cut that out you can but if if that’s a big part and what gets you excited then definitely you got it that’s the whole thing that I’m realizing about this you got to do what makes you happy and what you think your guests will like because yes our wedding day is about us but I also want our guests to be so happy and I’m such a great time because I feel like it’s such a good opportunity to bring everyone together and just show them how much you love and appreciate their support in your life as well so yeah overall I’m just really really enjoying this season of life clean engaged still can’t believe it and planning a wedding I really will miss planning a wedding it definitely has had it’s stressful moments but overall it’s been such a joy and I’m just so thankful for all the blessings in my life and I if you’re planning a wedding maybe that’s why you’re reading this blog I hope you just soak up this sweet time of life and you enjoy every step of it but thank you guys for reading that is all my tips for you but I will see you very soon we might not have any money but we’ve got I love to pay the bill.

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