Yellow Twig Dogwood Cornus Sanguinea Viridissima In Oklahoma Yellow Twig Dogwood
Yellow Twig Dogwood Cornus Sanguinea Viridissima In Oklahoma Yellow Twig Dogwood

Cute Yellow Twig Dogwood


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hi there welcome to another episode of get gardening in today’s episode I want to show you how I trim dogwood plants to have them looking great for next winter and I wanted to also show you guys the beautiful flowers that are blooming in my garden at this moment so I’m going to show you in my walkway garden quite a few different kinds of crocuses and flowers that are blooming first one over here is a reticulata iris I had some yellow ones blooming that I showed you in my last site but this one just I think is so beautiful and captivating such a royal blue and love the look of that one in this section here along my walkway garden I have many different kinds of crocuses most of these are snow crocuses it’s that way those are ones that bloom a little bit earlier in the season I think they’re so fun nice little pop of color I also have some giant crocuses that are blooming these were the ones that I showed you in my last site but they’re open and I have one small clump of winter aconite that seems to have actually shrunk over the years because I thought I had more but there’s two of them over here that are blooming my forsythias are getting ready to pop my cherry tree is ready to pop open as well but right now I’m just enjoying my crocuses so let’s go take a look at the dogwood plants so this is where I have my dogwood plants they’re in an area of the garden that I have specifically for winter interest so you can see I have a you to the left and another conifer to the right and they have these beautifully rich red stems that really pop out in the garden and they look beautiful throughout the winter time before these actively start growing and getting leaves is the perfect time that you would want to trim these plants that’s because they then would put all their energy into making new shoots that would grow large and create stems that would look beautifully and they’d be this deep red color for next year if I left it like this these stems would mature and they would darken to a darker brown color and it’s the new growth that has this beautiful red color so what you want to do is in late to mid March right about now is you want to cut down these dog woods so that way they’re putting their energy into new growth that is going to be this color so I’m going to show you how I will go ahead and take these back and then I will have you take a look at what they look like on the inside so I’m just looking for places that I can see will be a good spot for them to start growing some these are in appreciating area so I’m actually gonna leave them a little bit higher than I might normally do if they were in fulsome and you can tell where the plants will break and shoot new shoots from and I’ll show you exactly where I’m cutting them I wanted to bring you in closer to show you where I was making the cut set you can see there is a line here and every couple of inches you’ll see there’s another line and that is a point where a new branch would shoot from so I want to cut just below one of those and where it’s above another one so I can tell that this is going to be the point where a new branch will grow from all right I’m gonna finish cutting this bush and show you what it looks like at the end this is the result of me having pruned it I didn’t prune it too hard but you could pretty much coppice these and take them right back to the ground like I said mine is in a pretty shady area of the garden and I want them to grow a little bit taller so I left a decent amount of stems on here it’s also a really good time to work on the plants and if you see any dead material you can go ahead and remove that so you can see the new growth would come from that area but it’s not wanting to focus so this is a great time to go ahead and trim your dogwood plants or your willows anything else that has these beautiful stems for winter interests thank you guys so much for reading I hope you’re able to get out there and get gardening.

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